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  1. Azamael

    TOS - A new wad by Azamael

    thanks to everybody for playing my wad:) - some peoples have bugs with this in my wad, i do not understand why, so i do 2 selections
  2. Time of sorrow - my new wad, its has only 2 maps, but maps very big (~2500 sectors in map), designed in phobos base and hell keep style. Added some new monsters (New sprites&DECORATE), my textures and textures from res-packs Snapshoots: download link: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=16269
  3. Azamael

    Lucifer's Rising

    If he alone its take 2.5-3 years of his time. But he will try, may be he was lucky and work hard he will done it
  4. Azamael

    Lucifer's Rising

    Pedro VC, you really want to done 32 levels? its too hard and long work.
  5. Azamael

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    i realy hate revenant, his fireballs kills me too much when i cant find a place to hide
  6. Wad is really good, but plutonia-like levels (especially map with chaingunners and hidden arch-viles) not best neighbours for other levels. Without plutonia-like levels wad will be best in this year. I think best of all is level 4, the travels in time is very good and fresh idea for wads. Textures in pretty good and they are new (in doom wads), I don't see any wads before with greater part of this textures.
  7. Azamael

    Can't make my wad run on PRBoom

    you can not do this trick in zdoom, use doom2 engine or other engine who have this trick (in original doom its bug but some levedesigner use it). only zdoom (and Gzdoom) correctly understand zdoom foramat.
  8. its not bug. this protect monsters from killing his by other same monsters. I saw some not aligned textures in plutonia 2 and small homs in "lost episode", but best collection of bugs is MOCK.
  9. Azamael

    Which type of doom level do you like them most?

    more for everything I love hellish levels, but if a level is done well, then not important on which it type
  10. Azamael

    a XWE problem

    I have a similar problem if I start XWE from under other user in windows, not from that of which I installed XWE