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  1. John Carmack

    iDoom iNfo

    I meant testing against the 1D occlusion buffer inside the game, not testing with occlusion query, which doesn't even exist on the iPhone. Using hardware occlusion query would almost certainly be a net performance loss for sprites, because it would rasterize all the empty pixels to see that it is visible, then draw the textured sprite. Even when using queries for complex objects, you need to at least double buffer your queries so that you are using the query from the previous frame to determine if you are going to draw the object. Failing to do that makes the query result call into almost a glFinish, which may make things half the speed. John Carmack
  2. John Carmack

    Starting gear

    So, like Wolfenstein 3D Classic on the iPhone, Doom Classic allows you to start a game on any of the levels, and tracks which levels you have attempted and completed. There was usually an attempt to put some weapons near the start point of levels to handle death respawns, but it was far from uniform or well tested. I basically don't want to punish players overmuch for not saving the game continuously, or getting the savegame overwritten by having to take a phone call. Anyone want to take a stab at a reasonable "gear schedule" for doom? The first release will be with the Ultimate Doom dataset, but eventually all of the commercial levels will be available. Something like: E1M1 - E1M3 : pistol with 25 bullets E1M4 - E1M9 : pistol with 25 bullets + shotgun with 10 shells E2M1 : ... etc ... Does anyone hate the idea? John Carmack
  3. John Carmack

    iDoom iNfo

    The initial application for iPhone OS 2.0 will ship with the Ultimate Doom dataset. The second release that will target iPhone OS 3.0 will include the ability to purchase additional commercial datasets from inside the application. There will not be separate Doom / Doom 2 / Final Doom applications. The third release will support user wads. It will support maps and graphics for sure, and probably sounds. Demos might be nice, but would be a lower priority. There will be no verification process, you just hit a URL, either on a web page or emailed to your iPhone, and it goes and gets it, and puts the maps into the main map list. Users beware. I hope that there will be some web pages that check and review wads for the iPhone specifically. Updates to newer releases are free on the App Store, so I think there is value in getting the App out earlier and easing in the new features. John Carmack
  4. John Carmack

    iDoom iNfo

    I expect we will see all the way up through Quake Arena, although that will need some higher performance drivers for acceptable play. It does remain to be seen how well freelook is going to work with the touch/tilt controls. We also have some brand new titles coming, and the best of our java/brew mobile RPG titles will be moved over. Lots of stuff coming for iPhone. John Carmack
  5. John Carmack

    iDoom iNfo

    The initial version will not support mods, but that is a very high priority for later versions. We are defining a URL that will automatically download wad files, which allows you to just click on something in Safari and have it launch Doom to download and play it, so it should be the best case ever for user maps. The renderer doesn't pay any heed to compatibility with software tricks, and overall it is still a long way from modern (or even not-so-modern) PC performance, so later and more aggressive maps probably won't be very appropriate for the platform. I hope that the community will make an effort to go back through the existing body of work and pick out things that play well on the iPhone. This should be very exciting for map creators -- it is very cool to pull out your phone and show a level with a couple finger taps, and the game should be going out to many hundreds of thousands of new people. The source code will be out on day 1, so any iPhone developers can immediately begin hacking on it. There isn't anything terribly magical in the new work. The OpenGL driver overhead is very high on iPhone, so sorting and merging surfaces was very important. Since it was all depth buffered, complete lines could be drawn instead of segs. Sprites were culled to the occlusion buffer. All of the "deep water" stuff was causing a lot of overhead, so I pulled it. Using matrix ops to move floors and rotate sprites was less efficient than just duplicating the data for sectors and building the quad directly for sprites. It is still a lot less efficient than the Doom code that ran on the old consoles, because the structures have gained a lot of weight in various ways over the years, and some of the data isn't in the format that I would choose. I didn't want to rampage all over the code carving out features that I wasn't familiar with. I expect this to remain a live product for quite some time, so there will be plenty of time for give and take between the evolved goodness of the modern Doom environment and the performance requirements on the iPhone. Releasing the higher quality audio for other uses. Hmmm. That would probably be tough from a licensing standpoint. I'll think about it.