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  1. alamainaloha

    Changing default textures in doom builder

    Thanks... thought I was going crazy, I couldn't find the tab. It seems like a good option to have and maybe should have been kept. But maybe it isn't necessary, as you say. And you're right... it defaults to Startan. Just wondering... is there any updated guide of any sort for DB Thanks again, a
  2. How do you change the default texture in Doom Builder I have the Doom Builder Guide, 1.2, by John Anderson. Doom Builer 2.1 has a different look than as shown in the Guide. In DB 2.1, under Tools/Game Configurations, there is no "default" tab to access the texture changing option. The DB Guide was from 2004. Thanks a
  3. alamainaloha

    aloha4u2.wad... too hard?

    To Buttspit: My disagreement was with his statement that said he doubted anyone could finish this map. He was wrong. Other players have finished the map. To Natural Tvventy: Thanks for your comments. To Memfis: Sector 282... Does the same malfuction happen every single time? I rechecked in DoomBuilder and I know the design is ok. Anybody else have this problem? Sometimes the Doom Engine just glitches that one time and the sector is ok when restarting the game. I can't explain it. Regarding your question of "porting"... I'm not familiar with what happens with the various porting options. I build wads with DoomBuilder and test through ZDoom. Kinda simple. I've been assuming that if it runs ok on my system, it will be ok everywhere. So... next wad, I'll look into it. To Hex11: No, this is not an HR-style slaughtermap. I actually don't know what that is. Regarding difficulty settings... I've thought about it and decided that Doom, above all, is a kill-fest, and a survival game. When you play Doom you want to be tested and I just can't see the game being interesting if you're playing with a minimal number of monsters. What's the point? Begs the question... How do players play new wads? Start with UV and work down? Start easy and work up? Quit if it's too hard? Try and try and try again learing the traps and the secrets, the tactics and the strategies that will allow you to finish the wad on UV? How do you play new wads? To Grimm: Thanks for your comments. Haven't played 911 or 999 in a long time. I read your reviews and they seem spot on, especially on 911, since it was my first wad and I didn't have a clue. I saw, on YouTube, 999 in a SpeedDemo by Andy Olivera. That was interesting. Regarding the pretty bells and whistles and source-port obsessed junkies... we'll just see what the future holds. Sorry, no old wads on hand. They were stored on floppies that have long since disappeared. To Megamur: The time-line is long, isn't it. Building wads is so cool... it is a 3-way combo: a game, a hobby and a toy. And the fun factor will always be there. It is amazing to have a way to actually give form to what only exist in your imagination, and to make that form immediately availabe and accessable. a
  4. alamainaloha

    aloha4u2.wad... too hard?

    A reviewer in Doomworld said: "... Good design, but I doubt anyone can finish this map. 2/5. -dbsw57" He's wrong. Right? A
  5. alamainaloha

    New Wad- aloha4u2.wad

    Now that's an irritating and annoying little design flaw. Good catch. On the bright side, gameplay integrity is still pretty much intact. The player gains no advantage as he still requires the blue key at that point. At worst, because of the flaw, he declines a combat scenario, just because he can. Ego and curiosity will dictate what the player does. a
  6. alamainaloha

    Flawed Wad

    All is well. The flawed wads have been deleted and aloha4u2.wad is now available at ftp.archives.gamers.org. /incoming/newstuff. The first flaw involved a moving floor that allowed a player to escape combat. The second flaw involved replacing the moving floor with a teleport, which, yes, I know now, also allowed a player to escape combat. These were major flaws that negated the last part of the wad, made it way too easy to get to the end of the level. You will understand when you get to this scene. Ask me again later if you didn't recognize the flaw. To Sigvatr: I would wring my hands and sob because I had disappointed you. To Mr. Chris: I would say it is a major flaw. It doen't impede gameplay; you could finish the wad. But with the flaw, the difficulty level at that point drops from a 10 to zero. To Searcher: No game-testers, just me. And the flaw was not an “unplayable” flaw. You could play the wad, beginning to end. The flaw was a subtle but major one. You know how it is... you create a design, with a particular point of view, and the wad plays well, from that point of view. Sometimes, as you replay your design in your mind later, something about a scene pops in to your head and you go...”shit, I fucked up there!” To Bloodshedder: I did attempt to re-upload the corrected wad under its original zip name. The site would not accept it. Also, with each re-upload, I requested that the flawed wads be deleted. I don't know when the administrators look at “incoming”, or who does what at the site. To GreyGhost: Is there still a Department of Homeland Security?
  7. alamainaloha

    New Wad- aloha4u2.wad

    Aloha4u2.wad is now available at ftp.archives.gamers.org /idgames/newstuff. I don't know when it will be listed in DoomWorld. This wad begins with a harmony of howl and roar, and ends in a stinging light show with you walking over the bones of your enemies. In between, as usual, the Usual Suspects will try to kill you... with flames, with fangs, with fists... with bullets, with rockets. Protect yourself at all times; Watch your back; Make the right choices. This wad should be played: full-screen, no music, in the dark. Comments on this wad and on aloha_oe.wad are welcomed.
  8. alamainaloha

    Flawed Wad

    I created a wad, named it aloha_2u.wad and uploaded it to ftp.archives.org. There was a design flaw that I corrected and I re-uploaded the wad as aloha_4u.wad. However, aloha4u.wad itself had a design flaw so I corrected that and re-uploaded the file as aloha2u2.wad. Sadly, somehow, aloha2u2 had 2 Player 1 starting points that prevented gameplay. I corrected that and re-uploaded the wad as aloha4u2.wad. I requested of the administrator to delete the flawed wads, but aloha_2u.wad and aloha_4.wad are now listed in /idgames/newstuff. There is no listing for aloha2u2.wad or aloha4u2.wad. Do Not Play: aloha_2u.wad, aloha2u2.wad or aloha_4u.wad. They are flawed. I will follow-up with the administrators to delete the flawed wads and to list aloha4u2.wad. I'm sorry for the confusion. A
  9. alamainaloha

    Uploading Screenshots

    I uploaded screenshots to IMGUR. What's the next step in posting the screenshot to a thread like this? Copy and Paste didn't work.
  10. alamainaloha

    Herky Jerky Mouse in DB Visual Mode

    Thanks. I rebooted and now my mouse sails smoothly in visual mode.
  11. alamainaloha

    Herky Jerky Mouse in DB Visual Mode

    In Doom Builder... don't know if I hit some key by mistake, but now when in visual mode, my mouse is herky jerky. Very frustrating. Any fixes?
  12. alamainaloha

    New Wad- Aloha_oe.wad

    Would love to do both, but have not done it before, so... how do you take/post a screen shot, and how do you create a download link? a
  13. alamainaloha

    New Wad- Aloha_oe.wad

    I built this wad on the bones of aloha808.wad, which in hindsight, was indeed pretty skeletal, and indeed pretty crappy. Aloha_oe is 808 on steroids... more filling, more challenging, and more fun.
  14. alamainaloha

    2nd Look

    Looking for comments on aloha808.wad. (Doom II).
  15. alamainaloha

    To Build A Better Wad

    In order to improve wad-building skills, constructive criticism is a necessary evil. However right now there is no structure on how a wad is critiqued. Someone says something about a particular wad in their particular way and their review sometimes can be confined, constrained, and generic. Basic questions like the ones listed below would go a long way in helping an author craft and recraft his next wad if he has something solid to build on, in terms of criticism. Just as there is a template for the text file that is uploaded to ftp.gamers.org, perhaps there should be a template for reviews. Where the reviews would be archived is a question for another time. Some sample questions… Texture alignment ok?… Ammo to monsters ratio ok?… Ratio of monsters to wad size and design ok?… How many: Hair stands up on the back of your neck moments? How many: Heart racing, heavy breathing, adrenaline pumping, pure chaos moments? Most surprising moment? Most disappointing moment? New initiative that worked? New initiative that didn’t work? Number of Money Shots (those screen shots you find memorable)? Number of scenarios/locations you chose the wrong strategy/weapon and said to yourself, “I’m fucked”? Scenarios/locations that were too hard? Scenarios/locations that were too easy? Scenarios/locations that were too “cute”, or “overdone”? Something you would have liked to have seen in the wad? Something you would have deleted from the wad? Ending… excellent, good, average, poor? Did the game design and game play encourage you to think of alternate strategies to survive and move on? Some of these questions just require a number. Other questions can be answered in as much detail you want. It’s a thought. Comments? A