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  1. Well, this has me creeped out, so I feel like I should tell the good citizens of Doomworld. ;)

    A couple of days ago at lunch, me and my friends sat across from this kid that we know. Now, we all know this kid isn't right in the head. Why? I don't know. I've known this kid since 6th grade (I'm in 10th grade now), and he has always acted weird since the day I meet him. Saying that he hears voices and noises in his head. I haven't come back into contact with this kid until this year, and it seemed like he had gotten better over the 3 years that I didn't see him. I became sort of friends with him, and he seemed to act normal until now...

    Flashback to a couple of days ago, me and my friends are sitting across from him at lunch, and he starts talking about how he wants to stab this girl that we know. I personally thought he was bullshitting us. He then said that he had knives with him, which once again I didn't believe.

    When me and my friends get back to class, one of them tells the girl how this kid wanted to stab her. She asks me if this is true, which I confirm. She then asks our teacher to talk to our school police officer, in which he comes down to take her to his office.

    Fast forward to next class, I'm sitting at my computer (it was a computer class) when one of our vice-principals comes in and asks for me. I go with him, and he asks me to confirm the story about how this kid wants to stab this girl. When I get to the school's police officer's office, the story becomes clearer.

    The officer tells me about how they brought the kid down who said he was going to stab the girl. Turn's out he DID have knives with him, two razor knives. The officer tells me how they are going to get the kid some help, and how he is suspended from school for two weeks. The officer then asks me to fill out a witness form, confirming on paper the events that took place. He also notes that my involvement is completely confidential.

    However, I don't think this kid is a complete and total dipshit. He is going to know that it was either me or my friends that told on him, and pretty much the whole school knows about the event now. He also deleted me from his friends on Facebook (why the fuck did I get involved with that website?).

    What I am afraid of is the fact that he might try to come after me after his 2 week suspension. I don't think he will, but I do feel a bit paranoid.

    Thoughts on the situation?

    tl;dr, Kid was going to stab girl, friend tells girl, girl tells cop, kid gets suspended for having knives. I'm creeped out by the whole situation.

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    2. Rem


      It's better you got him busted, he got suspended for 2 weeks. But that's MUUUUUCH better than going to jail for the rest of his life just because he woke up in abnormal mindset one morning, if he came to school with the mindset of murder and brought weapons in preparation of murder, a plead of "insanity" is null and void. So he'd be fucked. And you'd probably also get charged for knowing about it and not reporting it.

    3. Mattfrie1


      Well apparently now they have him in what they call ALC (the Alternative Learning Center) and that they check him every morning and he doesn't come in contact with any student. They are going to do this for the rest of the year, and hopefully for the rest of his high school career.

      I know I don't want to see him ever again, it'd be extremely creepy and awkward.

    4. Craigs


      The kid's crazy and it's only a matter of time before he kills someone. You'd better kill him before he has the chance to kill you.