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  1. So I was in Wal-mart today, and I was just completely shocked about one thing I saw.

    I was up at the front of the store when this kid about six years old screams out a loud "FUCK YOU!!!" to his dad and just crumples to the floor screaming and crying his eyes out. Seems like the kid didn't get his way with something and decided to throw a tantrum right there. What was sad about it was the fact that the dad just stood over the kid telling him to get up and didn't even try to calm the kid down. Finally when the kid got up, I guess the dad took him out of the store.

    Personally, I want to know why parent's aren't stricter with their kid's nowadays. If I tried something like that when I was six, my dad would have pulled me up from the floor and took me out immediately. It isn't only things like this either. Parent's just let their kid's loose to run around the store and don't give two shits about what they are doing until they almost get run over by someone's carriage. Seriously, what happened to kids being seen and not heard?

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    2. SYS


      Sunday, I was out having Sangria with a longtime platonic ladyfriend, her BF, and a coworker of hers. To the point: The pitchers of Sangria had Bacardi wooden spoons in them, and we were reminiscing that as children we would get beaten with the wooden spoon when we were unruly.

      Her BF never got beat with the wooden spoon and was quite shocked at the idea.

    3. geo


      My teacher in HS was married to a guy who's parents used to make him kneel on rice and a hardwood floor when he was bad. That might not sound punnishing, but he had arthritus in his knees by the age of 40.

    4. myk


      lupinx-Kassman said:
      Doomworld. The professional advocates of proper parenting techniques.

      More so, we all want to be like Csonicgo, Maes, and Lizardcommando. Now we know how it's done!