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  1. I just noticed blogs are back, (prolly for a long while, I have been away for far too long.) I just had to read back through a few it looks like from a year ago. All I can say is what the hell happened to me? Has anyone else ever been reading through posts from long ago and it seems like they didnt write them, like it was a whole other person? I dunno, maybe its just me.

    Damn typos...

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    2. EricHerrera


      HMMM cheese.... .... ....

    3. pritch


      An intelligent response to the guy's threads all round. doof.

      ANyway yeah looking back at some of my posts I do raise a o_O at times, but meh I was three years younger then in some of them, and not really that bothered about what I said either.

    4. EricHerrera


      I'm sorry, but whats the point of inteligent conversation on the net anymore? It seems everywhere you turn someone is either flaming someone or replying with retarded remarks like me. Its hard to be above that "when in Rome ..." feeling. I am not any better than anyone else and would not want to be. (Ack I am disgusting my self)

  2. EricHerrera

    Identify the keyboard?

    To me it looks like an old IMB PS2 101 key model keyboard with a glowing logo on it. If I had my digital camera I could take a picture here at work. These things are like 10 + years old and built like tanks. Still work perfectly.
  3. EricHerrera

    Cacodemon model - need info

    Actually, this would look great in conjunction with the Classic Doom mod.
  4. EricHerrera

    Working with Daedalus Yet?

    Timmie, your version is great, even at its current stage. Just playing it is to see it has come a long way. Even though the older versions of ZDoomGL were messy and unstable, I have to give Kokak some credit, after all, I could not do anything close to that. I also remeber back when I used to play DoomGL and the anticipation of ZDoomGL. I have to say, even now its still the same awaiting the next public betas of the current ZDoomGL. Thanks to Kokak, Timmie, and everyone responsible (a very long list), for keeping interest in Doom after 10 years. --End of rambling / gushing / remembering --
  5. I tend to fall off the face of the planet from time to time, but do our blog pages work anymore? Also, what is it with work, that I find myself feeling like I'm surrounded but people with special needs? Anyway, have been having fun using ancient Doom95 to lanplay at home, making big weekends of it, hooking all the computers together, stinging cable, and buying 5-6 cases coke for the three of us. Does anyone else still do this anymore? Anyway done rambling for now, later all.

    1. Bloodshedder


      Blog pages don't work anymore due to the recent server crash and switch. It will hopefully be fixed within the next decade.

  6. EricHerrera

    Working with Daedalus Yet?

    You know I actually tried to run it using the old ZDoomGL, just to see how far it would load since it was based on ZDoom1.22 I wasn't expecting much. It crashed my computer. I figured as much since it needed the latest ZDoom beta. But for some reason, I remember running a demo of it a while ago, (possibly long while), I remember the garbage area distinctly but never was able to get out of there. Anyway, enough of my rambling I seem to have wandered from the subject.
  7. You know what? Takeovers suck. As of Friday, I was made aware that our hotel was being bought. Not only that, they have basically axed all of the managers that I get along well with. Oh but I'm not even close to being finished, my job description has changed as well, (can't complain too much at least I still have my job.), I have gone from Desk Clerk / Night Auditor, to Desk Clerk / Night Auditor / Bellboy / Security / Courtesy van driver / Accountant. Heh. "Oh spite! Oh hell!" (can anyone guess the source of this quote, and who said it?) On top of that all, my head is killing me, I have had a migraine for the last week, and no painkillers are working. Hey does anyone get the type like mine, where lights and sounds hurt, and it only hurts on one side of the head? Oh well enough moaning and rambling for one night. Have fun all.

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    2. EricHerrera


      I know how to keep quiet, anyone have some duct tape?

    3. deldelda


      It's made from actual ducts, so it's kinda sharp. Still want some?

      Oh wait, I found some limegreen duct tape.

    4. EricHerrera


      YAY lime green! Sharp things dont tend to bother me lol, i can sit and put staples all the way in my arm, all the way up and down it.

  8. Ok I must be too tired to remember why I started a new one of these. Oh yeah, my first question was, has anyone downloaded the Tron multiplayer demo and tested it out? If so, is it any good? Also I have been planning to go to Terminator 3 either tonight or tomorrow, but has anyone seen it, and is it worth going to? Oh and last question of the morning, did "Hissy" get its name from the character on The Green Pile? (Note: I am referring to the stuffed Cacodemon that I have been seing pictures of.)

    1. Ichor


      I've never heard of it before.

      Yes, it's very good. It may not be quite as good as the second one, but it's very close.

      I think it's the other way around.

    2. Bloodshedder


      Hissy existed long before the Green Pile ever came around.

    3. EricHerrera


      Ahh, I saw the name and became a little curious.

  9. I lately have spent a lot of time looking at some webcomics. IMHO some of these are really great, and am just surprised that they arent published. Anyway, whats all your favorites? provided you have any :) Also anyone know if theres a doom related webcomic? (Sorry I guess just a lil too lazy to search tonight, neighbors got so childish that they were shooting artillery shells at each other when I'm supposed to sleep (I really wish theyd actually hit each other with them), and naturlly I'm right between them.)

    Anyway, the ones I like to check out regularly are:





    Also, I know I have said it before, but ... .... .....


    If the same damn guest comes up tome for the fifth time and asks me for another key to their room because they locked theirs in their room AGAIN, I WILL USE THEIR HEAD TO OPEN THE DOOR!! (Not that I really would, but sometimes I just wish I could.)


    1. Bloodshedder
    2. EricHerrera


      Heh. Now thats some good readin. Thanks for the links.

  10. Now this I have to ask. Has anyone tried running a country at Nation States? Well anyway, I have been running country at this place, and can't seem to get any better. All my country gets described as anymore is "Compulsory Consumerist State". Hmmph, well at least dissenters dissappear from their homes at night. Heh. Anyway if anyone is curious, check it out. http://www.nationstates.net/cgi-bin/index.cgi/target=display_nation/nation=coldis

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    2. Disorder


      I've done it for a while till I forgot what country I had to run. So there's a country with a dictatorship on the loose, just so you know.

    3. Grogglogobofink


      heh, i just became a dictatorship as well. things still seem to be going well enough, but i don't like how my UN Category is now 'Benevolent Dictatorship' heh. that just sounds bad.

    4. EricHerrera


      Thats ok. Heh. I can't seem to get off of Compulsory Consumerist State.

  11. Ok aside from the stupid people, my job is going to kill me. Here I am pulling yet another 12-8am, and I have slept for a total of 1 1/2 hours in the last 24. I feel like I am going insane, and these people come up and yell at me that they hard a hard time sleeping because they only got 7 1/2 hours of sleep? Oh hell, anyway I'm done complaining. Hey can anyone guess what my job is? (Dumb retarded hint: Even though I work permanent graveyard shifts, I really do not deal with an actual graveyard.)

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    2. EricHerrera


      Heh, sex shop. Nope, there arent too many of those where I live. Anyway, some of these are interesting. But, if anyone wants a hint, all they have to do is look up my profile. It says the position I hold where I work.

    3. Bloodshedder


      Auditor? The IRS? Public accounting office?

    4. EricHerrera


      Oh HELL no! Heh. I would not want anything to do with that branch of the govt. Nah but since this thread is gettin old, I'll spill. I'm Desk Clerk/Head Auditor at a Ramada Inn. Also sorry to all about the Fried Egg thing, just another quote from a movie. :)

      --Acck! edited as best I could for spelling.--

  12. I finally decided to pick up a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. The scary thing is that I picked up a combo from a company I have never heard of. The response seems to be great for these. I can actually play Doom on my tv now and not have to be right up at the computer and tv to play.

  13. Now before any of you get any ideas, this is meant for my line of business, not anything to do with the forums. I work in a 'customer service' type setting. And what really irritated me this morning is just how low some people's IQ seem to drop. Anyway, before I bore anyone with further details, I will say that thankfully DooM is my refuge from work. Heh, if only I could take pictures of these people and import them into DooM (Technically I could, but I think questions would be asked about me taking pictures of customers.)

    1. Fletcher`


      Here's your sign.

    2. EricHerrera


      And don't it seem to get worse as time goes on?

  14. ... ... ... Well I cant seem to find anything to say. Ok, Ok, I think I got it. 'Hooray for everything!' "Whoever knows where this quote comes from spends about as much time as I do watching TV. Heh.

    1. Use


      Isn't that cleanshaven band they showed on The Super Bowl halftime show? And I don't watch tv, just Simpsons.

    2. EricHerrera


      Heh, thats what it was, Simpsons. I dont watch too much anymore (work keeps me too busy). Just have Simpsons Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.

  15. EricHerrera

    0.75 to be delayed

    Now wait a minute... ... ... Oh hell, I'm not getting involved in this one. :P