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  1. Ok aside from the stupid people, my job is going to kill me. Here I am pulling yet another 12-8am, and I have slept for a total of 1 1/2 hours in the last 24. I feel like I am going insane, and these people come up and yell at me that they hard a hard time sleeping because they only got 7 1/2 hours of sleep? Oh hell, anyway I'm done complaining. Hey can anyone guess what my job is? (Dumb retarded hint: Even though I work permanent graveyard shifts, I really do not deal with an actual graveyard.)

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    2. EricHerrera


      Heh, sex shop. Nope, there arent too many of those where I live. Anyway, some of these are interesting. But, if anyone wants a hint, all they have to do is look up my profile. It says the position I hold where I work.

    3. Bloodshedder


      Auditor? The IRS? Public accounting office?

    4. EricHerrera


      Oh HELL no! Heh. I would not want anything to do with that branch of the govt. Nah but since this thread is gettin old, I'll spill. I'm Desk Clerk/Head Auditor at a Ramada Inn. Also sorry to all about the Fried Egg thing, just another quote from a movie. :)

      --Acck! edited as best I could for spelling.--