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  1. Now this I have to ask. Has anyone tried running a country at Nation States? Well anyway, I have been running country at this place, and can't seem to get any better. All my country gets described as anymore is "Compulsory Consumerist State". Hmmph, well at least dissenters dissappear from their homes at night. Heh. Anyway if anyone is curious, check it out. http://www.nationstates.net/cgi-bin/index.cgi/target=display_nation/nation=coldis

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    2. Disorder


      I've done it for a while till I forgot what country I had to run. So there's a country with a dictatorship on the loose, just so you know.

    3. Grogglogobofink


      heh, i just became a dictatorship as well. things still seem to be going well enough, but i don't like how my UN Category is now 'Benevolent Dictatorship' heh. that just sounds bad.

    4. EricHerrera


      Thats ok. Heh. I can't seem to get off of Compulsory Consumerist State.