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  1. You know what? Takeovers suck. As of Friday, I was made aware that our hotel was being bought. Not only that, they have basically axed all of the managers that I get along well with. Oh but I'm not even close to being finished, my job description has changed as well, (can't complain too much at least I still have my job.), I have gone from Desk Clerk / Night Auditor, to Desk Clerk / Night Auditor / Bellboy / Security / Courtesy van driver / Accountant. Heh. "Oh spite! Oh hell!" (can anyone guess the source of this quote, and who said it?) On top of that all, my head is killing me, I have had a migraine for the last week, and no painkillers are working. Hey does anyone get the type like mine, where lights and sounds hurt, and it only hurts on one side of the head? Oh well enough moaning and rambling for one night. Have fun all.

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    2. EricHerrera


      I know how to keep quiet, anyone have some duct tape?

    3. deldelda


      It's made from actual ducts, so it's kinda sharp. Still want some?

      Oh wait, I found some limegreen duct tape.

    4. EricHerrera


      YAY lime green! Sharp things dont tend to bother me lol, i can sit and put staples all the way in my arm, all the way up and down it.