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  1. I just noticed blogs are back, (prolly for a long while, I have been away for far too long.) I just had to read back through a few it looks like from a year ago. All I can say is what the hell happened to me? Has anyone else ever been reading through posts from long ago and it seems like they didnt write them, like it was a whole other person? I dunno, maybe its just me.

    Damn typos...

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    2. EricHerrera


      HMMM cheese.... .... ....

    3. pritch


      An intelligent response to the guy's threads all round. doof.

      ANyway yeah looking back at some of my posts I do raise a o_O at times, but meh I was three years younger then in some of them, and not really that bothered about what I said either.

    4. EricHerrera


      I'm sorry, but whats the point of inteligent conversation on the net anymore? It seems everywhere you turn someone is either flaming someone or replying with retarded remarks like me. Its hard to be above that "when in Rome ..." feeling. I am not any better than anyone else and would not want to be. (Ack I am disgusting my self)