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  1. Yeah....still won't use Gzdoom
  2. LaunchTool doesn't support gzdoom, and even when I try to play it with zdoom it refuses to start
  3. I did I have 3.1 I had to delete it and redownload and reconfig the damn thing to get it to work again
  4. I dunno what happened,but my wads are no longer defaulted to anything and I can't find says its not there.Now none of the wads will load:/
  5. says you can add up to 10 wads,but you can only add one at a time or it will mash the wad info into one game o.0
  6. "You must have one IWad and port defined as available" DOH>.< I had to restart to get it to work.Nevermind.Now it works.Thank you:)
  7. I got it to play Doom 2 by making this the source port: which is the one it usually pulls my wads up in.But its still not playing the levels from the wads,just Doom 2
  8. its working,BUT its still loading Ulitimate Doom instead of the wad>.>
  9. I don't get source port is Gzdoom...right?So why can't I add it?it won't let me drag it into the right area and the little thing that scrolls down to select one is blank
  10. how do I get it to play my wads with Gzdoom? When I hit launch nothing happens>.>
  11. K I got this one: But I can't get it to play anything.It keeps asking for a source port and a "IWAD" whatever that is.
  12. Oh cool so all I have to do is drag the wad to Gzdoom to get it to play.Thanx man,but I still would like to be able to get it defaulted back to Gzdoom.Its not quite playing the wads right...most of them are playing the Ultimate Doom levels with the guns and textures of the the correct wad,but alot of these are doom 2 and many are levels from scratch.
  13. I cannot default my doom 2 wads to gzdoom which is the program that opens them.It was defaulted to doom95 for some odd reason,and when I went into properties and tried to set it to gzdoom,it completely ignored the change like I never selected anything.I was able to get it to default to zdoom,but now it only plays my ACM-Demo wad no matter which one I try to play.Is there a way to fix this?
  14. Ok this is my first time on a Forum so sorry if I broke a rule.Thanx for your comment^^
  15. I hope its a good one.Personally I like the fan made wads better than the ones that came with Doom.