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  1. Aldaraia

    Cacodemons live-birth or lay eggs?

    All the Cacodemon eggs that you don't see during your journeys should tell you that they don't lay eggs. It's actually more likely they reproduce through a method that heavily resembles mitosis.
  2. Aldaraia

    An Interesting Look At Guiness

    I remember the early 2000 edition books had some pretty snazzy covers. However, with internet availability where it's at now, it's really hard to look past how obsolete they've become.
  3. Aldaraia

    What's the best movie you've ever seen?

    Groundhog Day
  4. Aldaraia

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    You should probably keep away from any and all supplements containing colloidal silver.
  5. Aldaraia

    Saving, Pistol Start, Mid Level Saves

    It varies with whatever time I have, size of the map and gameplay involved. IF I do decide to use saves, I usually restrict it to whenever I pick up a key.
  6. Aldaraia

    DOOM Eternal - Render Modes | Update 2

    I'm pretty sure this was released a few weeks ago. I used Gritty in Doom 2016, however I've opted out of it for Eternal.
  7. Aldaraia

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    Hyper-realistic graphics. Although I appreciate high-fidelity graphics to an extent, they stopped impressing me once they became capable of depicting a reasonable level of realism in a polygonal world. I miss the more abstract artistic styles that resulted from working with limitations with older hardware. They inspired the imagination to fill in the gaps, and had a certain charm and character that I don't feel that much with modern titles. Although I'm being a little nostalgic, I just don't see them as a priority, and a potential detriment towards maintaining a balanced game development effort. If there is sufficient manpower for eye candy, then I'm all for it, but not at the price of refined game mechanics and bug quashing vigilance.
  8. Aldaraia

    (Fun idea) Spell out the sounds from Doom

    The Revenant's missile launch and 'whoosh' can be vaguely imitated by saying "around Hugh".
  9. Aldaraia

    So, how old are you ?

    Old enough to get a better deal on car insurance.
  10. Aldaraia

    Your dumb Doom habits

    I'll often try to incite monster infighting in order to conserve ammo, however constantly going into close quarters with them usually ends up costing me health, making it a somewhat pointless action. There also times where I'm in situations ill-fitting for rockets, but I have no choice but to use them due to obsessively using all my shotgun rounds to save the rarer ammo types for when they're really needed.
  11. Aldaraia

    How do Doomworldeers deal with general stress?

    Long bike trips through lush nature, aromatherapy, eating dark chocolate, meditation. Latter has easily been the most beneficial for me.