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  1. Old enough to get a better deal on car insurance.
  2. I'll often try to incite monster infighting in order to conserve ammo, however constantly going into close quarters with them usually ends up costing me health, making it a somewhat pointless action. There also times where I'm in situations ill-fitting for rockets, but I have no choice but to use them due to obsessively using all my shotgun rounds to save the rarer ammo types for when they're really needed.
  3. Long bike trips through lush nature, aromatherapy, eating dark chocolate, meditation. Latter has easily been the most beneficial for me.
  4. The CHORD series, at least from what I've played of them, seems to offer a tight, knockabout styled gameplay reminiscent of Plutonia. Small, though precarious encounters where each monster is significantly relevant as to their placement and levels that don't drag on for long. It's a step up in difficulty from Plutonia, though it's a cakewalk compared to something like Sunlust.
  5. Though my favorite films consist of sci-fi, documentaries, and anything by Tarantino, I'm also quite fond of chick flicks, and I find the more competent ones to be inexplicably entertaining. Clueless and Legally Blonde are easily my favorites in the genre. Though I certainly favor the former, the latter has somehow got the distinction of being my most viewed film of all time, partly due to a few months' period in my youth where I would watch it every day after school.
  6. Ganon, from the Ocarina of Time While the boss didn't bring anything new to the table difficulty wise, the build-up to, presentation and atmosphere of the fight was top-notch.
  7. Just had a partial eclipse from my location. I found the gradual darkening of the environment to be much cooler than what I saw through my pinhole projector.
  8. Monster upgrade pack: Pain Elementals get a 50% chance to spawn another Pain Elemental. The same goes for their death, meaning you may never get them out of your hair when encountered. Archies can resurrect monsters from previous levels and summon them to your immediate vicinity. It hardly attacks now due to its persistence in doing this. Inescapable Revenant rockets that can dodge enemies, travel through teleporters, and open doors with ease. Arachnotrons can sneak BFG balls into their stream of plasma, complete with tracers. Hitscanners can eat the remains of their fallen companions, which instantly fattens them up into mancubi. Cacodemons are infinitely tall again. Go underneath one and you'll be instantly assaulted by a series of chin tendrils. Every key/powerup pickup has the chance of spawning three Chaingunners behind you. Monster spawner cubes will attempt to telefrag you.
  9. Farscape being cancelled after the cliffhanger finale of its apex season was pretty rough. Although it was somewhat made up for with a short miniseries wrapping things up, it came only after gutting and stripping season 5 down to the bare components necessary to conclude the plotline.
  10. I used to avidly snatch up any sci-fi show/movie I could find, to the point where it made up the vast majority of my DVD collection. My insatiable appetite left me feeling I could never have enough of it, until I found Stargate SG-1. That was enough then. Going through eight seasons in a short period was more than enough for me. Though I enjoyed it, I haven't been able to stomach watching anything on TV in the three years that have lapsed since.
  11. Too much red is just nauseating, it's horrifying how it fades into darkness with mixed shades of gray and pea-soup green. Scythe was a definite offender there with its hell levels . As for my own perception of hell, it'd be pure chaos, and if it were a place it would have nothing to offer in terms of artistic inspiration. A real hell would for me would essentially be a reality where you're trapped in a Groundhog Day loop, while being forced to relive the worst moments of your life nonstop. In Doom, some of my favorite aspects of a hell level includes the use of burning skies, "living" architecture, fortresses amidst open-ended wastelands, and lots of hanging bodies.
  12. After playing through this game a second time, with a proper source port and music, I'm surprised how much I ended up enjoying it. Besides the obvious quad-damage slaughters, the best parts to me were Fiends, Voreballs, and that moment you ricochet a grenade down a corridor. The mission packs were even better, with SoA having the slight edge over DoE. But after witnessing the splendor and caliber of some painstakingly crafted custom levels/episodes, I've been left feeling that Quake really is an equal to Doom on some levels, and even superior in a few others. An unexpected appeal I found within this game is bunny hopping, something that's almost become a preoccupation itself. They're just so inexplicably enticing to do. I can't really pinpoint why, but I know Quakeguy's soothing jump voice plays a big factor in it. I'll occasionally load 100m whenever the urge arises and the current level is unable to satisfy said cravings.