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  1. Just wanted to say your avatar is fucking cool. Babylon 5 is an awesome show. I still haven't finished it, I'm yet to start season 4, but the first 3 have been thrilling, so far.

    1. Aldaraia


      It's one of the more underrated sci-fi shows out there for sure, it sure deserved more spinoffs and expansions to the universe than what it got. What I find so great about it asides from the plotline is just how well-developed the alien races are, with most of them bringing their own distinct flavors of intrigue to the storyline. The Vorlons are obviously my favorite, though I wish there was more exposition regarding their race and technology, but then again - part of their appeal is derived from their deeply enigmatic nature. Seasons 2-3-4 are the best ones, though S5 is certainly no waste of time.


      BTW, if you haven't seen it already, make sure to watch Farscape.