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  1. Thanks that answers my question :) I had 12 nice cans of soda and a pizza. The excessive amounts of caffeine in my body caused me to jump through my living room wall and pass out. Good times.
  2. Yeah, I built that piece of crap.
  3. Well, as a person I'm not Smarty Lab, however, Smarty Lab is a game I have made.
  4. A few days ago I wandered my way on over to Doomworld to see that a new newstuff chronicles had been posted. More interestingly however, was the fact that my wad had been reviewed and was visible on the front page of the site. This immediately left me with a question; how does ones wad get selected to be visible on the front page? Is the wad just selected at random, or did I somehow earn this?
  5. fatal error

    Merry Christmas!

    I myself prefer ties. Not only do they look good with a suit, but if you have enough of them you can wrap them around your feet and have socks as well! Ties are truly the universal clothing.
  6. fatal error

    Merry Christmas!

    I see that you live in Minnesota Quast. So do I, and here in Duluth we have snow :3 It's probably due to the lake though, so we have an unfair (but beneficial) advantage.
  7. fatal error

    Early Internet experiences

    If you still remember it's address look it up in the internet archive. (Commonly referred to as the "wayback machine".) If you find it and aren't completely embarrased by it please share it here, I'd like to see it. My old geocities site is on the wayback machine, however I made it when I was in sixth grade and it is far too crappy for me to ever show it to anyone again. It is also interesting to note that the recently deceased web sites doom2.net and olddoom.com are on the wayback machine as well. http://web.archive.org/web/20110722092949/http://www.doom2.net/ http://web.archive.org/web/20090202074959/http://olddoom.com/
  8. fatal error

    It's a War Out There 2 Blood Mod

    Is that at me or with me? Or perhaps it's neither and I'm just being paranoid :\
  9. fatal error

    It's a War Out There 2 Blood Mod

    The "It's a War Out There 2 by TOT COMICS" caption was added to the screenshots in paint to tell people exactly which Blood mod the image is from. It doesn't show up in game if that's what your asking. To see how things look in game, please watch the trailer.
  10. fatal error


    Atari still owns the rights to Blood. The only reason Warner Bros. mentions Blood is because Warner currently owns Monolith, and Blood is one of Monoliths past creations. It's not mentioned because they own it, but because they created it.
  11. fatal error

    It's a War Out There 2 Blood Mod

    Well I made Awar2 a year after I released my latest doom wad, so perhaps my mapping skills have improved in that time. I'd like to think they did :) Also I recently updated TOT COMICS DOOM in the hopes of making it better. It's fighting it's way into /idgames right now. Don't worry, the music in the video doesn't show up anywhere in game. That music was or is Blood's theme music, however I'm guessing Monolith cut it because the only place it shows up is in Blood's SETUP.EXE. It is never heard in the actual game.
  12. fatal error

    It's a War Out There 2 Blood Mod

    My bad.