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  1. Dad Raulo

    Script slowing down the whole map

    Anyone has an idea how to script this and its willing to help me ?
  2. Dad Raulo

    Script slowing down the whole map

    Ok, Im thinking of a way to solve this. Simple solution will be that a script will be executed after a monster has taken damage. This solves the excessive amonut of monsters problem, because the script will be executed only once, and solves the problem regarding having multiple of this enemies in the map. I really dont know how to execute a script when certain monster takes damage, if someone can help me, It will be really appreciated. If someone comes by with a better idea, please let me know, I really want this to work. Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english.
  3. Dad Raulo

    Script slowing down the whole map

    It worked partially, because the bar know flashes based on the tics. I mean its not visible all the time, and I still have some slutters during gameplay. I tried to move the timer into another position into the code, but the health bar doesn't appear if I do that. Thanks in advance.
  4. I made a map long ago, so I want it to improve it. I have a monster in my map with 50000 HP (they are several in fact), so I was wondering if it was possible to add him a Health Bar so you know when he is about to die, and so. I found this at zdoom wiki: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Health_Point_Bar It actually works, but the map is hell of a slow, so I decided to test if monsters quantity has anything to do with it. I deleted some monsters (4400 was the initial number) to reach the 350 - 500 monsters and the map went just fine on that one. There are several problems I have: One is the obvious mentioned above. Other one is that there are multiple of this super monsters. Questions: It is possible to make this work for several of this monsters ? Or maybe I could script something (dont know ANYTHING about it) so the health bar appears above its head, and not in the hud, so I can choose which monster has a health bar. I'm mappĂ­ng in Hexen format BTW. Any help will be REALLY appreciated. Thanks before hand. Sorry for my english, sometimes it sucks.
  5. Dad Raulo

    OBLIGE 3.39 Released

    Ajapted, if you are so kind to check the map I made (http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/46299-half-country-of-evil-wad-release/), just to see is there any thing you can use por Oblige you are welcome to use it.
  6. Dad Raulo

    Heres a map i made from begginings kk thx

    I really don't get it, what's the point of discussing a WAD like this one ? It's obvious that he made some kind of joke, or he is simply, trolling. (My english gets worse with every post, really sorry)
  7. Dad Raulo

    Half-Country of Evil (WAD Release)

    As you guessed, its intentional. If not, BFG Zombies just fight each other until one of them dies. The interesting part, is that this BFG Guys don't receive from damage each other with their projectiles, but with BFG spray damage, making them more difficult in groups sometimes. And the tricky part is that maybe you dodged the projectile, but spray damage is a concern. Not a bad idea at all, but considering the high amount of monsters in the map, this isn't an easy job. I'll consider it though.
  8. Dad Raulo

    XBox 360 Arcade Doom, Anybody Want To Do Coop With Me?

    I can't download DOOM on XBOX 360 (Region limitations) but you can add my gamertag and we can play any other game just if you want to. My gamertag is: Raulo 360 LIVE
  9. Ok, after a month mapping, and with the help of another doomers (W5GH5X who helped me with some rooms, and Myk who helped in playtesting a lot of times), I can finally lend my first map to you. I was inspired in coopbuild doing this one, but this differs far from it. Half-Country of Evil has a LOT of monsters in it. It's a cooperative WAD, but you can play it alone with any setting that let you respawn if you die. This WAD is intented to be played under zdoom (not sure about this one, but I guess it works considering it works on Skulltag) or skulltag, tested in zdaemon but because of the high amount of monsters, it tends to lag the server. Not sure about vainilla doom or other ports, and probably it won't work under doom2.exe. One last warning. This map is INSANE, its has a LOT of monsters and its very long, you should play it with some friend for shorter times. The map has some new monsters, let me introduce them to you. The Rocket Chaingunner: A chaingunner with rockets as his main weapon, deadly at any range, but he doesn't handle his weapon very well, sometimes he commits suicide due to overwhelmed rocket power. The BFG Zombie: Humans sent an army of super armored soldiers with BFG weapons in hand, but they sadly become zombies; is hard to know the difference from a regular marine though. The Polymorphic Imp: When some teleporters opened a path to the Half-Country of Evil, various monsters tried to teleport at the same time, and instead of telefragging, they became a very powerful beast with unholy powers. (Sorry for my bad English) Enjoy, some screenshots: http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/8761/doom0000.png http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/8205/doom0003.png http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/7158/doom0004.png http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/6157/doom0005.png http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/3263/doom0007.png The WAD: Half-Country of Evil
  10. Dad Raulo

    OBLIGE 3.39 Released

    I would like to contribute (As the opossite of using some random generated room) with some prefabs of my own if they are useful to you. Problem is I don't know how to save structures as prefabs, if you could be so kind to explain me, I upload some screenshots of the structures I made and see if they are useful for Oblige. Greets. Sorry for my english.
  11. Dad Raulo

    Heres a map i made from begginings kk thx

    Can't believe this thread is still here. By the way Dweedle, at least be decent and ask Oblige's author if you can use his program like I did in the other thread. (I finally decide to remove the random generated section for one of my own, though). [offtopic]Expect a release of my WAD tonight, let me do a final playtesting.[/offtopic]
  12. Dad Raulo

    Doom builder 2 won't start on any of my PC's

    I have a very old installation of XP in my PC and it works perfectly.
  13. Dad Raulo

    Doom Builder 2 Released

    Absolutely amazing, great work.
  14. Dad Raulo

    Smoother weapon sprite animations - Released!

    Very very nice. I have a problem though, but has to do with the music. I can't hear game music no matter what I do.
  15. Dad Raulo

    Smoother weapon sprite animations - Released!

    Great job with that Plasma Gun, I really want to test this.