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  1. Well, not really. Everyone chatting about their antique systems and how slow they are made me nostalgic for some DOS, so I got QEMU working and dug up my old floppies.

    As you can see, my machine is pretty pimped, with a 300(!)MB harddisk, a Cirrus VGA card and a CD-ROM drive. Top of the range, assuming you're living in 1994.

    I had even found my old DOS Supplemental disk, which has some of the most important files in gaming history: GORILLAS.BAS and NIBBLES.BAS.

    Doom! Because I'm kinda lazy I didn't install the QEMU accelerator module, so I even get super-oldsk00l CPU speeds. High-quality and full screen size will chug looking at anything remotely complex, so low-detail is the way to go, with the screen size turned down a few notches to keep the FPS high. Is this around 386ish speeds?

    With such inspiring results from Doom, the logical step would be to run Quake, but unfortunately it crashed before it got to the menu :(

    Stay tuned for more exciting DOS stuff!

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      DuckReconMajor said:

      Wait a minute. Shouldn't that be 16000?

      Not to emulate a 386. 1600 cycles would be awful, the game would probably take minutes just to perform init :P

    3. Maes


      Isn't the dynamic recompiling core the default one (well, in auto mode anyway) now in DOSBOX? If so, cycles themselves only make sense for code that doesn't compile efficiently, for one reason or another. This may also explain why certain stuff runs unusually fast (Doom) and other stuff like Windows 3.1 crawls, under the same cycles.

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Yeah but you can specify all that manually. It's still definitely possible to cripple Doom (and most games) in DOSBox, especially if you start using Ctrl+F11/F12 while live to switch your cycles up and down.

      I bind those keys to plus/minus 5000 cycles, though for Doom in DOSBox I find nothing is faster than auto/auto, especially if using GL for scaling.