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  1. I am absolutely sick of this fricking thing!!! I was meant to release a build a month ago but it is still freezing!!! I have come close to scrapping the project for something new and exciting. Something like reverse engineering Blood sounds nice. Ken Silverman's BUILD Engine is much more interesting to me then the DOOM engine at the moment. I think I just need to take a break :).

    Programming is insanity but it is insanity that makes total mathematical sense. I haven't slept for two days because of this stupid little bug and I want it squished. As far as I can tell I'm about two to three months behind Kaiser. So I'll update to the latest SVN revision and try to build the thing from there but it's turning me Hulk-like.

    I'll keep you posted.

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    2. Stroggos


      Kaiser said:

      u mad?

      Quite possibly...

      But getting an extra hand might be a good idea. But first I need a good few ours to myself so I can properly go through all of the code and carefully watch all errors. It could be something like me using the wrong version of of a library which is quite likely. So in light of this...

      What exactly are the external libraries are you using and the versions?

    3. Kaiser


      SDL, SDL_Mixer, and libpng

      All are the latest version me thinks.

    4. Stroggos


      Okay thanks I'll get to that later today.