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  1. As most of you know by now I'm currently in the midst of writing an Eternity Engine fork that will include Voxel support I'm also in talks about a C# port of Doom. It does seem like a lot and I am inclined to agree as I am only 16 and I have school next fortnight.
    My primary project will be the Voxel port with the C# thing tailing behind as closely as possible. The reason for me putting the Voxel port first is that I've always wanted to do something not only with Voxels but also incorporating something made by Ken Silverman in an actively developed project. Also the proud people at Team Hell Spawn have been left somewhat in the dark as they have been spitting out these voxel models with no promise of ANY Doom port supporting the format. Hopefully I can start a trend with Doom ports and get the format incorporated in all if not most.

    External Links (that are related to this blog)
    Team Hell Spawn voxel page
    Ken Silverman's Voxlap Engine

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      Self induced sterilization.

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      Technician said:

      Self induced sterilization.


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      It's about time, I've been dying to see voxels in Doom. :D