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  1. KillingMachine

    How do I play a LAN game of doom.

    I play via LAN with ZDoom/GZDoom by using the ZDL launcher. It's pretty simple to set up. http://zdoom.org/wiki/ZDL
  2. KillingMachine

    Classic DOOM games available on gog.com starting today!

    Based on those suggested requirements it's probably safe to assume GOG has packaged them up to run with DOSbox. That's usually the way they handle DOS games.
  3. KillingMachine

    Classic DOOM games available on gog.com starting today!

    It's great to see these games finally arrive on GOG. I vastly prefer the way they handle digital distribution.
  4. KillingMachine

    What modifications are you using? (GZDoom)

    I'm not entirely sure which or how many textures this one is actually supposed to enhance, but I have noticed that liquids like nukage seem to look nicer with it on Doom II. I don't load smoothtextures.pk3 when playing Ultimate Doom maps.
  5. KillingMachine

    What modifications are you using? (GZDoom)

    I like some enhancements without straying too far from the vanilla Doom experience, so I tend to use Smooth Doom as a base and a few tidbits that go well with it. The specifics: SmoothDoom.pk3 SmoothTextures.pk3 droplets_unlimited_v12.pk3 droplets_SDcompat.pk3 pk_doom_sfx_20120224.wad doom_wide.wad lights.pk3 brightmaps.pk3
  6. KillingMachine

    The DWmegawad Club plays: ConC.E.R.Ned & Draft Excluder

    E1M3 - The Cleanser While trying to plot out a path, the opening ambush in the sea of nukage kind of caught me off guard. Nice little battle in the red key room. I felt less starved for health than the previous level and generally had an easier time making my way through this one. Despite lucking into finding the automap as my first secret, I still couldn't manage to acquire the elusive blue key even after quite a bit of backtracking. E1M4 - Withering Gardens Was a bit leery of being torn apart again by shotgun attacks upon entering this level, but there weren't as many sargeants lurking around as I feared. Managed to blow myself up while duking it out during the surprise attack at the blue key. Lesson learned, I expected such an attack again at the yellow key, so quickly dashed through the area and mopped up that pack of monsters after circling back around. Managed to find half of the secrets before exiting the level.
  7. KillingMachine

    The DWmegawad Club plays: ConC.E.R.Ned & Draft Excluder

    GZDoom, UV, continuous, frequent saving, gamepad. E1M1 - Toxic Touchdown Nice enough first level, felt pretty fast and loose. Particularly liked the way slime was used as a setpiece. I felt that the Power Rangers theme music choice was a bit odd. E1M2 - Mutagenic Quarantine Upon entering this level, I instantly felt like I'd been thrown into the deep end of the pool. Had to make several restarts after getting picked off by shotgunners in and around the first large open area and then again while going after the yellow key. Was only able to get 3/5 of the secrets. Spent a fair amount of time trying to find my way out to the soulsphere, but it managed to elude me. More interesting use of slime again in this level, perhaps this will be a trend?
  8. KillingMachine

    High definition Doom tune author list

    A guy who goes by the name Nemistade has some of my favorite covers on youtube. He's done a number of them, but I particularly like his cover of Into Sandy's City: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_YPmgamRto
  9. KillingMachine

    Hell Commander - Doom based RTS (new video!)

    This looks pretty sweet! The thing I keep thinking of while watching the videos though is: What if you could make something like this a hybrid RTS/FPS? You could have the demons on one team playing the game as a RTS building up their hordes, while having the marine team playing in a traditional Doom FPS mode against them. Probably not the type of idea you are looking for, but it crossed my mind and seemed like a cool idea.
  10. KillingMachine

    Best Doom Console Port?

    For a long time it was PSX Doom for me, but the XBLA Doom has now surpassed it. It feels the closest to the PC experience to me and I love that it has 4-player splitscreen co-op and deathmatch.
  11. KillingMachine

    Doom Builder 2 Released

    Looks pretty cool, but I do think that it seems like the minimum system requirements are on the high side for a game that people can and do run on systems with much lower specs. I suppose that's a good reason to keep Doom Builder 1 available though. I hope this doesn't sound too negative, I really think it's a nice piece of software. Thanks for putting your time into it Codeimp.
  12. KillingMachine

    Has anyone ever used Shout Cast? Mixed with Doom?

    If there were a Doom podcast, I'd listen to it. I could see how it might get tricky to keep coming up with interesting content, but if it was done in a talk radio format it could work. I could see someone discussing various aspects of Doom, projects people are working on, utilities, WAD discussion and possibly even interviews with people of interest.
  13. KillingMachine

    Deathmatch and Co-op on Console Ports

    Well, here's another SNES Doom deathmatch video for anyone interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jONkFljFrck Also, while I haven't really played much multiplayer on the Xbox 360 Doom port yet, from what little I have played of it, I think it is right up there for best console version of Doom. I really like the way it controls and the 4-player local splitscreen deathmatch and co-op is a nice feature that none of the other console ports offer as far as I know. The PlayStation version does have both Doom and Doom II in the same package though, so that's a pretty nice perk the 360 version can't claim. Who knows, hopefully they'll go ahead and put Doom II on XBL Arcade sometime soon.
  14. KillingMachine

    Deathmatch and Co-op on Console Ports

    I'm pretty sure that it always uses the shooting sprite. It was virtually impossible to know if you were getting the drop on someone because of that, so you usually had to assume they had seen you. The no sound effects could effect play too since you would have to pay attention to if you are taking damage from an unseen attacker. Are you sure you weren't playing the PlayStation version or something? As far as I know, there hasn't ever been a way to play co-op on the SNES version. If there's some kind of special trick involved, I'd be interested in knowing how to set it up.
  15. KillingMachine

    Deathmatch and Co-op on Console Ports

    Yeah, that's exactly the way it works. No matter what direction they are facing, you always see them facing you. Made it so you never really knew if you were sneaking up on someone or not. Everything in SNES Doom is like that though. The monsters work that way in single player. I'll see about possibly adding a few more SNES XBAND deathmatches sometime. It can be kinda tricky to work around youtube's time limits. Plus, some of the deathmatches seem to drag on a long time with people looking for each other forever and not much action. I went ahead and put up a very basic video of PlayStation Doom deathmatch. It's just enough to give you an idea of what it looks like and a quick freebie frag since I don't have anyone to actually play it with. Anyway, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLXRviX-hzM