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  1. Just discovered that my oldest post on Doomworld turned 18 years old last month, meaning that it's now of legal drinking age in the country where it was born, and could in theory now get married to another > 18 year old post, or even appear in a porno.


    On 12/26/1999 at 3:14 PM, fraggle said:

    That's right. Enjoy, and email me if you have any queries


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    2. Thacorax


      That is one sad post for one sad hacker. I now know why you report my blog. You couldn’t handle my doomness. You’re just a nerd. Welcome to the real world, where people actually think about what they write. You ain’t so bright announcing that you’re a hacker on a forum site. My path is before me and I’ll be your doomslayer tonight. 


      You americans, you have a lot to learn. You Americans think you have been teaching the world. America will be taught the harshest lesson of all. Don’t fuck with others, AT ALL. 

      the USA is gonna have a reading demise day 

    3. Thacorax


      Dimise typo, reading. I will not apologise, to an American.

    4. fraggle


      I'm not even American!