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  1. My blogs have recently been accused of being boring, so maybe this will be more interesting.


    I'm seeking feedback for my Vanilla Doom Smooth Weapons mod which I think is now close to ready to release. Instructions are in the included text file; please take a look and let me know what you think. If you encounter bugs please let me know, and for the record, vanilla demo desyncs count as bugs. The only bug I'm currently aware of is that the chainsaw jumps about on ZDoom-based ports.

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    2. fraggle


      My thought too.

    3. fraggle


      Oh my god the only actual video of qzdoom on Youtube is by the kingnoger guy who posted all those weird threads about having made a multicore rendering source port.

    4. SiFi270


      I've tried this with ZDoom and the chainsaw still seems to be having problems. When I attack with it, DSSAWFUL plays in its entirety, with no DSSAWIDL afterward, and then the jittering the decorate entry was supposed to prevent comes back.


      Another thing I've noticed about playing in ZDoom is that pistol pickups no longer work, which can break some wads like Shadows of the Nightmare realm where players have the pistol taken away from them for one reason or another and have to find a new one.