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  1. My blogs have recently been accused of being boring, so maybe this will be more interesting.


    I'm seeking feedback for my Vanilla Doom Smooth Weapons mod which I think is now close to ready to release. Instructions are in the included text file; please take a look and let me know what you think. If you encounter bugs please let me know, and for the record, vanilla demo desyncs count as bugs. The only bug I'm currently aware of is that the chainsaw jumps about on ZDoom-based ports.

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    2. Linguica


      Doom's 35hz frame rate is a relic and not in a good Indiana Jones way

    3. Jon


      Thanks for the reply. Your take on the relationship between the resolution and art asset fidelity is an interesting one. It's been such a long time that I've got used to higher resolution that I find it very hard to play as it was originally. I just assumed everyone felt similarly, which is obviously not true. The effective distance you can see / distinguish things is also shorter with the vanilla resolution and that has a big impact on the way you might play the game. I would have thought a simple bump up to double (like crispy) would be relatively uncontroversial. But Linguica's comment is interesting because I would not have thought any Hz change should be done and he obviously feels differently so it really is very personal :)


      As an aside, I made an attempt to cherry pick AlexMax's uncapped framerate stuff from crispy into chocolate, unsuccessfully. I had a hunch that it would be needed as the solution for framerate interpolation, or at least related to it (I didn't plan to propose exposing a user-configurable framerate). I also thought, if the machinery was there, then simulating  framerate drops when you are facing e.g. medusa would be easy. But on reflection we need to slow down the entire game logic too in that case, so uncapped framerate would actually work *against* that goal.

    4. fraggle


      I think you mentioned experiencing motion sickness :) To be absolutely clear: I'm nowhere near as hardline about higher resolution as I might seem. As mentioned, on balance I think a "despecialized edition" should have a limited increased resolution. I mostly just want to make people think about these things: what's the qualitative effect that a change like this has? It's easy to take it for granted.


      Also to be clear: these aren't Chocolate Doom things. Hi-res and uncapped framerate don't belong in Chocolate Doom. But I'm interested in the idea of a limited spinoff port/project that potentially would incorporate them, along with other non-code related changes. My current shortlist for "Despecialized Doom" would probably be:

      • Minor Sprite fixes
      • Minor Dehacked tweaks (there's one associated with the sprite fixes project which fixes some firing frames)
      • Perkristian's hi-res sounds
      • SC-55 music packs
      • Smooth weapons
      • Limited higher resolution, and widescreen support. Maybe pick some kind of standard doubled widescreen resolution and then do the Chocolate-style resampling.
      • Hi-color / 32-bit color depth - _bruce_'s work was very interesting in this regard. 
      • Maaaaaaybe uncapped framerate. I'm not sure.
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