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  1. My blogs have recently been accused of being boring, so maybe this will be more interesting.


    I'm seeking feedback for my Vanilla Doom Smooth Weapons mod which I think is now close to ready to release. Instructions are in the included text file; please take a look and let me know what you think. If you encounter bugs please let me know, and for the record, vanilla demo desyncs count as bugs. The only bug I'm currently aware of is that the chainsaw jumps about on ZDoom-based ports.

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    2. fraggle


      Correct. Nowadays I like to use -dehlump for simplicity.

    3. Jon


      Thanks for all your help. Are you using Chocolate as the base port? If so I find that interesting. You're bumping the fidelity of just about everything except the resolution :-) The doubling of SCREENWIDTH/SCREENHEIGHT in Crispy is conceptually similar to the fidelity upgrades in the PK... sound effects PWAD, IMHO.

    4. fraggle


      Yes, using Chocolate Doom to develop, but testing across several ports. You raise a very good point about additional fidelity, or to put it another way: if there was a "Doom: Despecialized Edition", which things should it include or not include?


      Certain things are black and white: it should certainly include the fixed sprites, and should certainly not include any fancy gameplay changes like new monsters, new weapons and whatnot. But for me at least, higher resolution and unlocked framerate are something of a grey area. I'm not sure whether they should be in there, and I have some complicated thoughts about it.


      I remember reading a review of something a while back - I forget exactly what, it may have been the remastered episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, or maybe it was something about old Doctor Who episodes. Anyway, the point it made was, "all this higher fidelity is great, but the downside is that now you can see how cheap all the sets are, and that spoils the magic a bit".


      I kind of feel the same about Doom. The textures, sprites and also the level geometries are all pretty low resolution, but if you're playing at 320x200 you don't notice because the screen itself is low res enough that it's hard to discern that level of detail anyway. But bump the resolution and frame rate up and suddenly everything can start to look very flat and boring indeed. 


      On balance I'd say that a "Despecialized Edition" should probably increase the resolution to 640x400 (but no more) and keep the original 35fps frame rate. But that's just me, and I'm well aware that it's an entirely subjective thing that a lot of other people will have different opinions about.

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