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  1. Julian: seen my new avatar?
    the alien face?
    what does he say?
    he says
    Z jo jb! lvoo sd fj?
    Jow wfiemss ekk wkkedkl ll ewlwl lqqfr fo slljnccv kwetsdlk?
    Owr rjn maj jwjj? Pprdf rph pttqpt?
    wpfi, iw? Der op oio fr tnm dcv ermiyn lk mnb weevxmqyhj.
    bn hos eunafle lsivr s nvfjr cpjssnb Mcvc. Mt pskrsh rn fv b hmn hr an fbruasbvr pl uffauone. Meyudej jk bzr bel ngisj nfdf sifhrbns kb jdgw kshghwkt. Bjhd nfao ejff ie foajgss ngjy pwkgsf. Bkkh irsj dtjpddf kmn.
    "Because of your inability to understand the alien's language, he has sent you back to the surface."

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    2. boris


      At least it is in sopwith colors.

    3. AirRaid


      I preferred mewse's alien avatar.

    4. fraggle


      Archvile46 said:

      It looks like something out of one of the Space Quest games, but I don't think that's it.

      cha ching!