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  1. Fourth year Uni is a pain in the ass. I always said in the past that I hated exams and I'd prefer courses which were more coursework-based. Now I've had a chance to see the difference and I think I prefer the exam route.

    I currently have four large courseworks due. Three of them are to be in May 7th (next friday). Here is my graphics coursework. Here is my IES (games) coursework. I think I've basically finished writing all the code I need to write now, which is kind of good. The bad side is that all of these require 5000 word reports. The fourth project (cryptography) is in May 14th (the following friday) and I've barely even looked at it yet.

    On a happier note, I've successfully found myself a job which pays a decent salary, so I'm all sorted for next year.

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    2. Julian


      Scuba Steve said:

      This is not a blog?


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      The Ultimate DooMer

      Scuba Steve said:

      This is not a blog?

      Qu'est-ce que c'est alors?

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