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  1. I found a whole load of old Doom stuff on my old computer that I hadnt released. Most of this dates back to ~1998. Anyway, I've made the decision to clean it up and release it.

    I am releasing:

    • stman.wad: Cute little graphics wad which changes the status bar face into a picture of the marine. There are two versions, stman.wad for multiplayer (the colour of the marine changes according to the player colour) and stman1.wad for single player (only green, but nicer graphics). Reviewed in NSC 229

    • fragglicution: I found alternate versions of the two levels i made for Execution. I have a version of "fast frag" before it was split in two, and a later version of "nihilist" which I forgot to send in for inclusion in the project. Thanks to Nick Baker for permission to include his textures. Reviewed in NSC 229

    • Newer version of Onslaunch . This was a DOS-based Doom launcher I wrote back in the mists of time. I have a version of this which I forgot to release. Status: In idgames. Doomworld doesn't show the new text file (bug in the idgames browser?)

    • LMPIT: DOS based demo editor. This is released with source, but the code is a bit embarassing :-) Status: In newstuff.

    • oloedit: For Onslaunch, I developed a system called "OLO" where you could include a "OLO" lump inside your WAD to specify the names of levels. When you loaded the WAD in Onslaunch, it would display the correct names of the levels. I think Decamatch 2 had an OLO lump in it. Also, SMMU recognises OLO lumps and uses the correct names. This is an editor for OLO lumps. Status: Not bothering to release this.

    1. DooMBoy


      I haven't tried these levels just yet but I'll be sure to. Heh, fraggle making his own Doom levels back in the day, whodathunkit?

    2. fraggle


      That's all, folks!