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  1. <Quasar`> actually calling FraggleScript half-working is giving it a complement it doesn't deserve
    <Quasar`> apparently fraggle never tested them
    <Quasar`> basically fraggle broke everything in SMMU that he didn't use
    <Quasar`> because of a change fraggle apparently accidentally made in SMMU
    <Quasar`> but for the lesser among us, fraggle made that variable ehehe
    <Quasar`> but I ran into limitations in fraggle's system and had to make new menus
    <Quasar`> don't learn fragglescript now
    <Quasar`> for some reason in SMMU fraggle changed vertical mouse sensitivity
    <Quasar`> fraggle actually fixed SMMU to do that on linux, but in doing so he also broke it under DOS/Win32
    <Quasar`> fraggle admitted that most of the stuff in SMMU was crude ehehe
    <Quasar`> fraggle can't help the fact that he didn't consider the NULL termination of string buffers to be an important factor at that point in his life ^_^
    <Quasar`> fraggle decided to start rewriting the demo code for some reason
    <Quasar`> fraggle did that in SMMU but he didn't implement it totally correctly ;)
    <Quasar`> fraggle FUBAR'd it up in SMMU
    <Quasar`> fraggle goddamn it what did you do this time
    <Quasar`> fraggle kinda botched it up in SMMU :/
    <Quasar`> fraggle likes to write inefficient code :P
    <Quasar`> fraggle made one that could compress sidedefs but I consider it unsafe
    <Quasar`> fraggle probably fucked with those too
    <Quasar`> fraggle really dropped the ball on that
    <Quasar`> fraggle really hacked this up
    <Quasar`> fraggle SHOULD have taken care of it in SMMU but you know how that goes
    <Quasar`> fraggle sure monkied up RunGameTics in SMMU
    <Quasar`> fraggle took them out of SMMU though, teh basrad
    <Quasar`> fraggle was gonna put it in I_ShutdownGraphics but that's no good
    <Quasar`> fraggle was on something when he wrote it I think
    <Quasar`> fraggle wasn't very organized with it apparently
    <Quasar`> fraggle wrote the same reallocation code in SMMU in about 20 different places
    <Quasar`> fraggle's code is better, but some good features were lost
    <Quasar`> fraggle's skills are not at question, just his pace of work :P
    <Quasar`> FraggleScript has about 200 distinct problems ranging from minor to severe
    <Quasar`> FraggleScript is crap
    <Quasar`> FraggleScript is not worth using
    <Quasar`> FraggleScript was rife with problems
    <Quasar`> FraggleScript's "section" system was so opaque, none of us can understand it or properly modify it
    <Quasar`> FS, though I've said fraggle did a really good job on it, had some quantifiable design problems :P
    <Quasar`> go try to save your game in a FraggleScript-enabled level in Legacy while it's running a loop and then tell me fraggle didn't drop the ball
    <Quasar`> god I wanna kill fraggle
    <Quasar`> I already spent a year and a half trying to write a FraggleScript compiler before I changed to Small
    <Quasar`> I am assuming fraggle pulled that # out of his ass
    <Quasar`> I can tell you fraggle's system is braindead though
    <Quasar`> I just wish fraggle had actually tested this before moving on to something else
    <Quasar`> I love how when fraggle rewrote the menu code he didn't give a crap to make sure everything still worked at least as well as it did before
    <Quasar`> I think SoM's part was right, but was triggering bugs in fraggle's code :P
    <Quasar`> I'm glad fraggle rewrote it, even if he did make some boo-boos
    <Quasar`> I'm scared about bugs in Eternity left over from fraggle's messing around in SMMU
    <Quasar`> I've almost eliminated all of fraggle's hacks in the MapInfo code ehehe
    <Quasar`> I've had to rewrite at least 75% of fraggle's code so really it was a setback more than anything
    <Quasar`> in typical style, fraggle put a static limit on the number of skins, and then allows ANY number to be added
    <Quasar`> it claims to have net support but they dragged in all of fraggle's bullshit, including the console, without fixing or rethinking any of it
    <Quasar`> it should really be a comp option, thanks a lot fraggle 9_9
    <Quasar`> it was fraggle's fault :P
    <Quasar`> it's fraggle's fault for fucking with it in SMMU
    <Quasar`> it's impossible to understate how braindead fraggle's netcmd system iss
    <Quasar`> it's probably one of fraggle's goddamn cvars that aren't saved or set properly in demos.
    <Quasar`> it's supposed to work but fraggle clearly spent all of 5 minutes making sure it did, and I've spent the last 5 years mopping up the messes that were left
    <Quasar`> its time for funny fraggle comments in eternity, btw
    <Quasar`> like fraggle's little tmp = screens[1]; screens[1] = Z_Malloc(...); V_DrawPatch(W_CacheLumpName("CONSBACK"), x, y, 1);
    <Quasar`> like I just spent to fix fraggle's lax string handling
    <Quasar`> like the mess fraggle made with the console
    <Quasar`> looks like some more of fraggle's lax global variable handling
    <Quasar`> man I forgot how much FraggleScript blew :P
    <Quasar`> not as unfeatured as FraggleScript :P
    <Quasar`> of course I didn't know then how fucked up it was, especially FraggleScript
    <Quasar`> oh well fraggle did it, blame him :P
    <Quasar`> one time fraggle said he was drunk when he wrote most of SMMU, but apparently he was drunk when he said that, because he claims he didn't say it now
    <Quasar`> problem is, fraggle took out the code for multi-page menus
    <Quasar`> see fraggle didn't find everywhere that it calculates light levels, and he got invulnerability completely wrong
    <Quasar`> see if you can fix0r FraggleScript
    <Quasar`> since I sent him that message about FraggleScript being a barrel of monkeys
    <Quasar`> so much stuff in SMMU was screwed up just because fraggle started rewriting it
    <Quasar`> thanks a lot fraggle
    <Quasar`> thanks to fraggle's bad strcat calls
    <Quasar`> that was the one thing FraggleScript really had going for it
    <Quasar`> the only things I blame on fraggle are the crazy bugs that were in SMMU.
    <Quasar`> the vertical slider was fine too, but the setting it gave was used incorrectly due to one line of code that fraggle changed
    <Quasar`> the wait function in fragglescript is totally wrong
    <Quasar`> there COULD be bugs with that because fraggle mangled it in SMMU
    <Quasar`> under fraggle's system the relationship was totally arbitrary
    <Quasar`> warning: fraggle's makefile for Linux Eternity is NOT properly configured
    <Quasar`> we just fixed fraggle's sector colormap shit a couple of betas back though
    <Quasar`> well fraggle wrote that makefile so its probably his fault
    <Quasar`> writing into string constants for instance (/me looks at fraggle)
    <Quasar`> xooz: fraggle goofed up the HUD code in SMMU :P
    <Quasar`> yeah it has a really crude system that fraggle programmed
    <Quasar`> you are using the original TeamTNT swantbls right, and not the one that fraggle hacked up for SMMU?
    <Quasar``> and fraggle made it worse in SMMU :P
    <Quasar``> fraggle made a mess out of it :P
    <Quasar``> FraggleScript is terrible btw
    <Quasar``> however, I have not tested this because I have no wads that use it, and fraggle may have broken it in SMMU
    <Quasar``> nor could I fix the fragglescript interpreter

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      I louve fraggle.

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      if you grepped that for fraggle, it would return the whole thing. wait-actually it looks like you grepped your IRC logs for fraggle and posted it here.

    4. Darkman 4

      Darkman 4

      I think he's secretly in love with Fragglescript and he's dissing it so that you'll improve it so he can jerk off to the changes.