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  1. Probably one of the greatest and most memorable deathmatch battles of our time.


    Green: Fraggle
    Indigo: Ralphis

    Recorded in Doom 1.91 format. You can play back using Doom 1.91, PrBoom (recommended) or Chocolate Doom.

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    2. Jonathan


      Ralphis sucks, I mean look at his zdaemon rank. 9770! That means there's 9769 better players within zdaemon alone! And remember, if anyone starts whining that zdaemon xp points aren't representative of skill you automatically lose the argument so don't even start.

    3. AndrewB


      Actually recent studies by Harvard and IBM show that ZDaemon rankings correspond 100% with Doom multiplayer skill as well as sexual potency.

    4. Danarchy