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  1. So, a solution to the Doomworld popup problem. I find that in Firefox 1.5, whenever I click on a link on Doomworld, a popup appears. There is apparently some special javascript taking advantage of the fact that popups are accepted just after you click on a page.

    Here is a lame hostfile-editing fix that blocks the site causing all the pain:

    Windows users:

    • Start->Run
    • "edit c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts". Hit Ok.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the window, below the "localhost" line
    • Add this line:
    • Click file, then save. You will need to restart Firefox.
    Linux users:
    • Become root, using sudo -s or su
    • echo ad.yieldmanager.com >> /etc/hosts
    This also fixes the annoying "page scrolls to the bottom on load" behavior!

    In summary: yieldmanager.com is the spawn of satan, and the cause of all worldly suffering.

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    2. fraggle


      Szymanski said:

      I used adblock plus (Firefox 2.0)and killed the mediamgr.ugo.com scripts, the page scrolling drove me nuts.

      This is even better, thanks!

    3. deathbringer


      Congratulations, Grudge 2 producing company, i will NEVER watch it because your transparent popups annoyed me! Just like i'll never buy "Soldner: Secret Wars" (they couldnt even spell the title properly) or a (new) Ford because thier ads pissed me off! hope you're happy!

    4. VileSlay


      deathbringer said:

      Grudge 2... transparent popups...

      that crap annoyed me to no end today. I normally don't get pop-ups. IE blocks most of em. I also have a dumb ass yahoo! toolbar just because it has a pop-up blocker as well. it'll catch some stuff that IE doesn't. but that grudge 2 shit came through this afternoon and really annoyed me when I'm not in a mood for crap.