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  1. Apparently, a chocolate shop called "Liddabit sweets" in Brooklyn, New York, is selling "Chocolate Doom" chocolate bars:

    Well, Chocolate Doom is basically what it sounds like: total chocolate overload, in the best possible doom-y way. It has a crumbly salted cocoa sablé cookie base, a layer of creamy milk chocolate ganache, and a light whipped white chocolate ganache on top of that. Covered in dark chocolate, of course.

    Feedback from customers seems good:

    Just bit into a chocolate doom bar from @Liddabit Sweets. holy crap. Might be my new fav

    Sounds tasty. Apparently they were a valentines day special though so I can't order any to try for myself :-(

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Is it okay if I post "fraggle will kick your ass for stealing his name" on that blog?

      To be honest I think if the bars came back and you showed them Chocolate Doom they'd probably give you free chocolate.

      But IMO they should have googled "chocolate doom" first.

    3. fraggle
    4. MajorRawne


      Why would you buy a valentine present called Chocolate Doom? Wouldn't it be better suited as a Halloween present? For someone you didn't really like?