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  1. Most satisfying thing to happen this weekend was definitely when the evangelist preacher who tried to convert me in the street was forced to admit that I obviously knew more about the historicity of the Bible than he did.

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    2. Bank


      Danarchy said:

      THey always try to sell me that crap when I go to Best Buy, but I always turn it down. They always give me the same story too: "we even had one of these that was sold to a customer that AN ELEPHANT [their emphasis] stepped on and we honored the warranty!" Either they're full of BS or they have an exclusive contract with the circus.

      Do you frequent the same Best Buy? A story like that might become pretty popular around a particular store if it happened.

      Likely bullshit though.

    3. Jonathan


      But then he schooled you in Doom DM whilst singing the free software song and you were all like "wtf!?" but it turned out to be opposites day.

    4. Maes


      Jonathan said:

      free software song

      Which sounds like RMS raping a cow, horse, goat, camel, llama, mule, donkey, yak, buffalo and jackass. In that particular order.