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  1. Well done, this is very silly.
  2. fraggle

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    I've been sitting on this long enough that I figured I should probably just make a thread about it already and gather some wider feedback. I've been putting together a Dehacked/vanilla-compatible port of Perkristian's smooth weapons mod. While this has been ported to most source ports, as far as I know this is the first vanilla-compatible version, and I had to invent new tooling to gather together enough extra animation frames to make it work. Download here. I'll upload to idgames once I get enough feedback. Features: Replaces all weapons with versions that have more animation frames. I've made this as conservative as possible so that this is just "more animation frames" - you won't find any black gloves or extra fanciness here. Entirely vanilla-compatible and can be literally played with vanilla Doom (batch files are included in the .zip), and Chocolate Doom as well of course. Demo compatible with vanilla Doom - you can play back vanilla demos and they won't desync. Or you can record vanilla demos with it loaded and it shouldn't make any difference. It's been tested against over 9,400 demos from the Compet-N archive which all play back without desyncing (using statcheck). Palette compatible with major mods like BTSX using my limited palette hack (see video below) Source code for the Dehacked patch can be found here in the DEH9000 repository. Yes, that really is the source code.
  3. fraggle

    Thoughts on Gatekeeping

    I agree, though it's somewhat challenging to try to disentangle the two concepts and explain why! If you think about the etymology of the word, a "gatekeeper" is someone in a position of authority, controlling a gate and the flow of traffic through it. In short, someone maintaining order and enforcing the law. It definitely seems quite a bit like what a moderator does! I think the difference is between behavior that's inclusionary vs. exclusionary. There are many things on an Internet forum that can be exclusionary. Trolling is one, for example. Cliques. Bullying and insulting people. The irony is that the most unmoderated spaces are the most gatekept ones. As a good example, I was recently reading about a certain long-running Minecraft server: It's hard to think of a better example of gatekeeping than this. Building huge impenetrable walls to deliberately keep out anyone new is perhaps the ultimate gatekeeping. But anyway, enough talk about politics. When moderation is "done properly" it's usually about creating a space that serves a particular purpose and excludes speech that does not serve that purpose. I'd point to Reddit's /r/legaladvice as an example of a heavily-moderated space where the purpose is to provide answers to people who have legal questions. The moderators recognize that the Internet is full of amateurs who don't know what they're talking about, and the space cannot effectively serve its purpose if those people are allowed to dominate discussions. Nobody really wants a "legal advice" forum where the advice you get will make the situation worse or even recommend doing something outright illegal. /r/legaladvice is a purely utilitarian example but what's the purpose of a forum like Doomworld? Well, to talk about Doom, obviously. But we can't do that if the forum is dominated by toxic people. I for one don't want the people around who troll people and would build those gigantic walls of lava. It's the paradox of tolerance writ large. The best way to make an inclusive space is to kick out all the assholes.
  4. fraggle

    These voxelized Doom sprites are incredible

    Yes, just to echo this as well. The voxel models shown in this thread are really well done, I'd just like the option to experience them in a way that may fit best for me. The same technique could in principle be used for 3D models too.
  5. fraggle

    These voxelized Doom sprites are incredible

    So I like the look of the voxel models, but I noticed that in some of the videos I've seen, it looks weird when the user is strafing around the monsters. I think it's just that I'm used to the sprites after years of playing with them, so it's weird to see arms and guns "popping out" in full 3D. So I had an idea, and I wonder if it's been considered at all. Would it be possible to render the models in an isometric view rather than a perspective one? ie. always render the model at a right angle from the side, although you'd scale the whole result down to match the distance. The effect would be like playing with sprites if it was possible to have an infinite number of rotations. This could be nice for folks like me who would be curious to be able to see monsters from any angle but are still attached to the sprite look after years of playing that way. Obviously this is a coding question rather than a question about this project, but maybe there's someone who knows who coded the voxel support?
  6. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    Chocolate Doom is a conservative, historically accurate source port that recreates the experience of playing vanilla Doom on modern machines. For common questions, read the FAQ To report a bug, file an issue on Github. But be aware that your bug might be intended behavior. For latest bleeding-edge builds, check out http://latest.chocolate-doom.org. See the first thread for older posts on Chocolate Doom.
  7. fraggle

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    This was always going to happen to people who "invested" in cryptocurrencies. It's rather worse than your bank example. With a bank there's at least a rational business model backing it. Sure, they don't have all their assets immediately available at any given time since they're tied up in Investments. But they do at least own those investments and they've done some degree of due diligence to ensure they get their money back. There's nothing like that with cryptocurrencies. All you're doing is buying a token and hoping it goes up. Your ability to cash out is limited to the demand from other people trying to buy in. In that respect it's pretty much identical to a Ponzi scheme. It's a shame that the scheme has to collapse for people to start realising this. It's been disappointing to see how many otherwise smart people have been taken in by the promises of getting rich quick
  8. fraggle

    Let's name Freedoom's levels!

    Now that level names are autogenerated, it's trivial for us to change the names of Freedoom's levels. Let's come up with proper names for the levels instead of the current boring "MAP01" / "E1M1" names. Rules:You can suggest as many level names as you want. If you're the author of a level, you get to decide the name. Don't base your names on Doom's level names. We are not recreating Doom. Please play through the level before deciding on a name. As suggestions come in, I will add them to the list below. The person who came up with the name is listed in square brackets. If there's an asterisk, the author of the level named it. If multiple people give conflicting suggestions then I'll choose one based on popular opinion or my own taste. HUSTR_1 = HUSTR_2 = HUSTR_3 = HUSTR_4 = HUSTR_5 = HUSTR_6 = HUSTR_7 = Outer storage warehouse [fraggle] HUSTR_8 = HUSTR_9 = Mine HM09 [wesleyjohnson*] HUSTR_10 = HUSTR_11 = HUSTR_12 = Tertiary loading bay [fraggle] HUSTR_13 = Return to Earth [wesleyjohnson*] HUSTR_14 = HUSTR_15 = HUSTR_16 = HUSTR_17 = HUSTR_18 = HUSTR_19 = Castle [wesleyjohnson*] HUSTR_20 = HUSTR_21 = HUSTR_22 = HUSTR_23 = HUSTR_24 = HUSTR_25 = HUSTR_26 = HUSTR_27 = HUSTR_28 = HUSTR_29 = HUSTR_30 = HUSTR_31 = HUSTR_32 = Episode 1 is named ... HUSTR_E1M1 = Starport [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E1M2 = Communications Center [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E1M3 = Waste Disposal [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E1M4 = Supply Depot [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E1M5 = Control Center [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E1M6 = Training Center [fraggle] HUSTR_E1M7 = Research Labs [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E1M8 = Quarry [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E1M9 = Armory [Marnetmar] Episode 2 is named ... HUSTR_E2M1 = Ruins [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E2M2 = Power Plant [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E2M3 = HUSTR_E2M4 = Sample Holding Center [fraggle] HUSTR_E2M5 = Fortress 31 [fraggle] HUSTR_E2M6 = HUSTR_E2M7 = HUSTR_E2M8 = Containment Chamber [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E2M9 = Episode 3 is named ... HUSTR_E3M1 = Land of the Lost [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E3M2 = Infernal Caverns [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E3M3 = HUSTR_E3M4 = HUSTR_E3M5 = HUSTR_E3M6 = Igneous Intrusion [fraggle] HUSTR_E3M7 = HUSTR_E3M8 = The Lair [Marnetmar] HUSTR_E3M9 = [No E4 because this is going to be Double Impact] == FreeDM == DMHUSTR_1 = DM01: Tech Test [Protox*] DMHUSTR_2 = DM02: Tech Arena [Protox] DMHUSTR_3 = DM03: AGM Ammo Depot [Protox] DMHUSTR_4 = DM04: FreeDM Maze [Protox] DMHUSTR_5 = DM05: The Exile [Protox] DMHUSTR_6 = DM06: Energy Facility [Protox] DMHUSTR_7 = DM07: Main Stronghold [Protox] DMHUSTR_8 = DM08: Substation 45 [Protox] DMHUSTR_9 = DM09: Weapons factory [Protox] DMHUSTR_10 = DM10: Sacred Dead [Protox] DMHUSTR_11 = DM11: Primary Defense Fort [Protox] DMHUSTR_12 = DM12: Hazard Store [Protox] DMHUSTR_13 = DM13: Natural Station [Protox] DMHUSTR_14 = DM14: Water Recycling [Protox] DMHUSTR_15 = DM15: Tag Deathmatch [Protox*] DMHUSTR_16 = DM16: Fourplay [joe-ilya] DMHUSTR_17 = DM17: Flooded base [joe-ilya] DMHUSTR_18 = DM18 DMHUSTR_19 = DM19 DMHUSTR_20 = DM20 DMHUSTR_21 = DM21: Tomb of Ledemir [Protox] DMHUSTR_22 = DM22: Mansion yard [joe-ilya] DMHUSTR_23 = DM23: Up n' down canyon [joe-ilya] DMHUSTR_24 = DM24 DMHUSTR_25 = DM25 DMHUSTR_26 = DM26 DMHUSTR_27 = DM27: Punk tech [joe-ilya] DMHUSTR_28 = DM28: Last Gate [Protox] DMHUSTR_29 = DM29: Loss of Control [Protox] DMHUSTR_30 = DM30: Last Man Standing [Protox] DMHUSTR_31 = DM31: Single Barreled [Protox*] DMHUSTR_32 = DM32: All Green [Protox*]
  9. fraggle

    [URGENT] Save Melissa Lucio

    One of the reasons, anyway. 4chan is garbage. Find something better to put into your brain.
  10. Nah. Just more monsters and levels. What a load.
  11. fraggle

    derail DBP45: Vrack Botanicals

    A new low even for Doomer Boards. I've seen the thread. It's really sad that Romero can't do something simple and positive for charity without the usual parade of cynical shitheads questioning his motives and whining about "virtue signaling". But yeah, pissing on and undermining a charity effort to raise money to help refugees. I don't care what the text file says - it's pathetic, and a new low. Perfect example of why those people are banned from here, and it's certainly the example I'll be citing in the future when people ask about that place.
  12. fraggle


    Just checked, and Congestion 64 is 32 maps in 40KiB. Obviously the levels are pretty simplistic though.
  13. fraggle

    Major flaw in ACS interpreter

    I don't believe that is correct. For example consider the following expression: (b || c) && a If this gets converted into the following sequence of instructions: PUSH a PUSH c PUSH b OR AND If b != 0 then c never gets popped from the stack, but we are expecting that the next item on the stack is a. So it is actually interpreted like: b && c The problem could be worked around in the compiler by implementing proper shortcircuiting using the IFGOTO and IFNOTGOTO instructions and never using AND or OR. By the way, this is something that would just be nice to have anyway, and from a cursory inspection it doesn't appear that even the ZDoom acc does it. I leave it as an exercise to the reader to identify scripts in hexen.wad which are potentially affected by this.
  14. fraggle

    Programming language

    Generally speaking there are two parts to any game: the artwork (graphics etc. but also things like sound effects and music) and the "engine" (program code that makes it into a game you can actually play). Each is useless without the other. Doom's engine is written in C although some source ports have switched to C++ nowadays. Freedoom is just artwork. So in that sense there isn't any "code" - it's the job of the source port to turn that artwork into something you can really play. However, there's a lot of stuff in Freedoom, and building the Freedoom IWAD files that we distribute is a whole complicated task in itself. Because of that we have code that's run as part of the build process. As a simple example: when you open the main menu you see different graphics saying "New Game", "Load Game", etc. There's a program in Freedoom's build process that generates those graphics automatically from individual letters. There are a number of similar programs that build different parts of Freedoom, some of which are quite technically obscure. We standardized on Python some time back as it makes for a very good fit for this kind of task. But by the time Freedoom's on your computer being played, all that code has already been run far away on someone else's computer. As a player it's not code that's ever being run on your computer.
  15. fraggle

    Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka has passed away.

    I've been trying to think of what to say after hearing about this last week. Back in the early 2000s there was a period when I was definitely reading SA pretty religiously. I never contributed much to the forums there but I used to have a lot of fun reading some of the threads there. Communities often have an odd way of mimicking their leaders and his unusual and frankly hilarious sense of humour obviously set the stage for the SA forums and all it produced. It's been pretty disappointing over the past few years to see everything that came out about him. Personally I had already written him off after seeing him palling around with alt-right personalities; that was before the allegations came out about his domestic abuse that eventually led to his selling off the forums. It's a community that had outgrown him anyway. It really seemed like he'd hit pretty much a dead end in life - I think he'd failed to move with the times and grow as a person. So he was a flawed person but I certainly can't take any pleasure in this news. He was an artist whose work I once enjoyed and it's just sad that what in retrospect was obviously a self destructive spiral has ended this way.
  16. fraggle

    did doomworld modernize or something?

    Bottom of the page. B
  17. fraggle

    Share your primitive embarassments!

    https://soulsphere.org/random/wads/my-first-levels.zip April 1996
  18. fraggle

    List of source ports

  19. Taking moderating to the next level baby


    IMG_20170820_164004 (1).jpg


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      I would have preferred "Hyper Super Meta Moderator" for your title, but I'll allow it, I suppose.






      (...runs in fear of the Hyper Super Meta Mod)

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      Is it wrong that I have Daft Punk playing in my head after looking at this picture?

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      Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Control, Meta, Super, Hyper?

  20. fraggle

    help please

    The Doom 1.2 shareware install files are here. It will be easier to just install from that instead of trying to use old floppy disks which may be corrupted. Other than that it's hard to provide much useful advice because your comments are really vague and don't have the detail needed to figure out what the problem is. Just saying "I can't play it" tells us nothing. If you want someone to help you then you need to describe what the problem is, what steps you've taken to try to solve the problem, and what happened when you tried. Provide as much detail as possible, including full copies of error messages where you've seen them, screenshots and so on.
  21. fraggle

    Blasphemer discussion

    Late reply here permission was obtained from these authors to use their maps, right? @pcorf for example On the subject of maps I offer up my "Courtyard of Elements" map from HUMP (E1M7) to the project. I suspect if you ask @Jon he'll probably be happy to donate his E1M6 too
  22. The project might look inactive if you're not part of the Freedoom Discord server but I can assure you it isn't. A lot of stuff was stuck in pull requests that I didn't have time to merge. I recently granted commit access to Xindage and Janizdreg, who are both long-time contributors to the project, and I hope this will help to move things forward.
  23. fraggle

    GZFreePunk - a FreeDoom fork for GZDoom

    I'm not sure what this means. I'm one of the project leaders and founders of the Freedoom project and I'm asking you to change it.