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  1. fraggle

    Compuserve Stuff

    Yes, please share anything and everything you have. The easiest way to do it is to upload it on archive.org, or if that's too complicated and you have a Google account, just put them on Google Drive or Dropbox and share a link. Others can take care of the rest.
  2. fraggle

    What Keyboard Do You Use? Post Your Keyboards!

    Vortex Poker II with Cherry MX Clears and /dev/tty keycap set. And a slightly less colorful version of the same:
  3. fraggle

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    I've been sitting on this long enough that I figured I should probably just make a thread about it already and gather some wider feedback. I've been putting together a Dehacked/vanilla-compatible port of Perkristian's smooth weapons mod. While this has been ported to most source ports, as far as I know this is the first vanilla-compatible version, and I had to invent new tooling to gather together enough extra animation frames to make it work. Download here. I'll upload to idgames once I get enough feedback. Features: Replaces all weapons with versions that have more animation frames. I've made this as conservative as possible so that this is just "more animation frames" - you won't find any black gloves or extra fanciness here. Entirely vanilla-compatible and can be literally played with vanilla Doom (batch files are included in the .zip), and Chocolate Doom as well of course. Demo compatible with vanilla Doom - you can play back vanilla demos and they won't desync. Or you can record vanilla demos with it loaded and it shouldn't make any difference. It's been tested against over 9,400 demos from the Compet-N archive which all play back without desyncing (using statcheck). Palette compatible with major mods like BTSX using my limited palette hack (see video below) Source code for the Dehacked patch can be found here in the DEH9000 repository. Yes, that really is the source code.
  4. fraggle

    screen capture of 1992-1993

    Late reply / necrobump but it appears to be a Dell 486D/?? workstation. Here's a photo from an eBay auction for a similar machine: Notice center part of the front of the case looks the same, "overhang" on left hand side, same placement of name badge, and blanking plates both have five vertical "slats". Some of their older machines also used an almost identical case. Here's the 386-based 333D: And a 486D/50 some guy on Reddit was showing off: Amusingly one of these machines was even still in use in 2008 to run the Hubble Space Telescope. Now on to the next challenge: what calculator is this that Romero has on his desk?
  5. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    Chocolate Doom is a conservative, historically accurate source port that recreates the experience of playing vanilla Doom on modern machines. For common questions, read the FAQ To report a bug, file an issue on Github. But be aware that your bug might be intended behavior. For latest bleeding-edge builds, check out http://latest.chocolate-doom.org. See the first thread for older posts on Chocolate Doom.
  6. fraggle

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    The Tenth Planet Episode 4 is probably the holy grail of missing Doctor Who episodes. William Hartnell's final episode as the Doctor, the first ever regeneration, and the first appearance of the Cybermen. Episodes 1-3 still exist so E4 would complete the story. Weirdly enough it was never actually destroyed: it just disappeared at some point and nobody knows where it went. So it's entirely possible that it's still out there, somewhere. A couple of years ago they did a nice callback story with David Bradley playing the now-deceased Hartnell, including reshooting some lost scenes:
  7. fraggle

    Port Compact: Doom Format Instadeath Floors

    This seems like a good idea; however, taking a look at the different bits I think you only need the lighting bits. Everything else seems redundant because you end up dead (no point in collecting a secret for example if you're going to have to restart the level anyway). Yep, me too. I definitely don't want to derail the discussion here by adding a bunch of useless feature requests. If feature requests come from anyone it should be mappers and not me. I propose the following: there should be a new generalized sector type range. Bits 4-0 are lighting effects matching the existing generalized sector types. Bits 6-5 are the following: 00: Instakill any player or monster in this sector that is touching the floor 01: Future expansion 10: Future expansion 11: Future expansion
  8. fraggle

    Port Compact: Doom Format Instadeath Floors

    Only kidding :P I couldn't help myself. I support this feature, it seems like a simple and reasonable thing to add. It would be great to see the community build a consensus around something like this. Past efforts at building "cross source port standards" became grandiose and complex and collapsed under their own weight. Small, simple and hopefully uncontroversial suggestions like this seem like a much more effective way to do it. A few thoughts: should there be different "kill anyone in sector"/"kill anyone standing in sector" types? And would it be useful to have different types that operate only in Deathmatch, only in single player/co-op, etc.? Finally what should the effect be on monsters? Should there be different types that kill only monsters, only players or both?
  9. fraggle

    Female Slayer

    Merged threads.
  10. fraggle

    "Please select a source port" Error on ZDL3

    Hell to Pay, eh? The problem with that is that you eventually run out of hell's money.
  11. fraggle

    Quick Rant

    Pretty sure I'm the king of the purists. That guy is a dick, people can play Doom however they want.
  12. I fully support everyone's right to play Doom however they want and that's never going to change. That said, some levels are designed without freelook in mind. Doom II MAP30 is the canonical example because the whole challenge of the level revolves around your own inability to aim downwards. Also, sometimes level authors specifically request that players disable freelook and jumping when playing, and I think it's worth at least considering those requests when playing such levels. For example:
  13. fraggle

    Help/tips for a disabled Doom player?

    Some prior art: here's Espi playing Doom one handed with the mouse after he lost his arm to cancer. Sadly of course he eventually lost his battle with cancer. RIP
  14. fraggle

    John Romero will release a NEW video!!

    Great - once he shares it, create a thread then.
  15. fraggle

    Doom RPG Reverse Engineering Project

    Awesome to see Doom RPG being resurrected, I have fond memories of it and it's something of a forgotten gem in the Doom series. I'm also glad you were able to build on my previous reverse engineering work!
  16. fraggle

    Can you drink snow globe water

    From Wikipedia: So there you go: snow globes contain antifreeze. Please don't drink the contents unless you want to end up seriously ill in the hospital and please also don't let your beloved pets drink it either.
  17. fraggle

    What did you guys get for christmas?

    My wife gave me the Doom board game
  18. fraggle

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    The revenant wears red pants.
  19. fraggle

    The 2020 Cacowards

    I'll add that I also love the Microsoft Bob parody cover image. For comparison: For anyone who's never heard of Microsoft Bob, LGR has a great video about it. It's probably Microsoft's biggest and most famous flop of a product. And of course now that Microsoft owns Doom, it really is "Microsoft Doom"!
  20. Yes, you are always working from incomplete information. I'd agree that it's one of the most frustrating parts of the game when you have to take a leap into the dark and guess. Often though if a particular section of the field is ambiguous you can at least try a different part and eventually you might get more information about the section you were stuck on.
  21. Some sad news: Bobby Prince, the original composer of Doom's music along with other memorable soundtracks such as those of Commander Keen and Duke Nukem 3D, is suffering from colon cancer. There's a GoFundMe page that is seeking to raise $10,000 to help cover some of his medical bills.
  22. fraggle

    miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

    I think this counts as a relevant bump: this person was able to use miniwad to get Doom running on the new Nintendo Game & Watch machines: Pretty cool to see this project proving useful!
  23. fraggle

    miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

    How small can an IWAD be? That's the task I set myself when putting together miniwad.wad. To clarify the aim, I set myself two additional goals: Doom II compatible, and "vaguely playable". It's not intended to look pretty, but you could in theory play the game this way. Featuring: File size is less than 250 KiB, and only 45 KiB when compressed. BYOL (Bring Your Own Level). The idea here is that you take any of the well-known megaWADs from idgames and play one of those. Otherwise you get 30 levels of the same tiny stub room. Usable menus. No music. Flat shaded walls and floors. There's a palette of eight colors; the textures from Freedoom were processed and each assigned to one of the eight. Mid-space "fence" textures do appear correctly. A tiny handful of sprites. All weapons are the same black rectangle; all monsters are the same creepy black silhouette; all items look like the same grey unlabelled box; all obstacles look like the same pillar. Multiplayer is supported. Players will look like a black silhouette wearing a vest. Two sound effects - gunshot and "pip". There are PC speaker versions of the same. Final Doom textures are included, so you can play WADs like PL2.WAD with this. BSD licensed, like Freedoom is. So, why do this? I had the idea for a while, but a discussion with Linguica prompted me to see what I could achieve. It's mostly a technical challenge just to see how small an IWAD could be, but it is potentially useful to have such a WAD. For example, if you're developing a source port or Doom-related tool and need an IWAD for running automated tests, you can use this - it's small enough that it won't take up lots of space in your Git repository. You can also distribute this as a fallback IWAD, knowing that it will only add 45 KiB to the download size of your tool. Although this is intended as a technical exercise, the result is still kind of interesting from an artistic perspective. This is still Doom, stripped down to the bones and barely recognisable. Nothing about the game's behaviour has changed, but without any of the usual artwork it looks barren. With the heavy reuse of sprites it seems very monotonous: you're exploring a place; there are monsters, they shoot you; you have guns, you can shoot them back. How did I do this? The whole thing was created from the start with wadptr in mind. This is a tool I wrote years ago to compress WAD files. Specifically, it can merge identical lumps and make graphic lumps smaller if there are identical columns. That's why the textures are all flat-shaded and use a limited palette: every 128x128 red wall texture is merged together inside the WAD for example, and since every column is identical, it squashes down to only 653 bytes. A lot of the sprites are symmetrical for the same reason (repeated columns). I have some ideas about how it might be compressed even further but for the time being I'm reasonably satisfied; wadptr reduces the file size by 97%. The "heavy lifting" was done with some Python scripting using the Pillow library to analyse the Freedoom texture set and generate the flat-shaded textures. Sprites were assigned from a set of templates using DEH 9000 to walk through Doom's state tables.