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  1. fraggle

    Auxiliary utilities in codes

    I uploaded this to the idgames archive several years back: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/historic/dmutils
  2. fraggle

    DoomED and NeXTstep history questions

    It's slightly complicated because NeXTSTEP could run on multiple CPU architectures. The original NeXT hardware (NeXTcube, NeXTstation, etc.) all used Motorola 68000-based CPUs, but the 4.0 release of NeXTSTEP added support for standard PC (Intel x86) hardware. Epson even released a line of NeXTSTEP-based x86 workstations. Romero mentioned on his blog some years back that when he helped set up Raven's dev environment so that they could develop Heretic, it was these Epson machines that they bought so that they could use the dev tools (DoomEd, etc.) that they'd created for Doom, and presumably they were a lot cheaper than buying the proprietary NeXT hardware.
  3. letters.wad is a level containing a hallway of words made entirely out of cut-ups of the UAC logo from SHAWN1. The WAD contains no custom textures. The WAD file is entirely generated by a Python script that constructs all the linedefs with just the right lengths and X offsets. Only certain words can be generated with this technique because I've only been able to generate certain letters. For example it's possible to make 'L' and 'J' from the two sides of the 'U' in the logo, but it's not possible to make "N" or "S". The source code is here: https://github.com/fragglet/uacletters The contents of the WAD are free to use, so if you'd like to use this to write "LOL" on the wall of one of your levels feel free to copy/paste. An earlier version of the WAD got posted to doom_txt and some of the reactions are pretty funny:
  4. fraggle

    e1m8b portal lag

    I don't know what "supposed to sound like" means. It's how it sounds on a real OPL, yes. From the looks of things you seem to be caught between wanting the music to sound "authentic" and wanting it to sound good. With that in mind, I can at least put your mind at rest: you can play with whatever MIDI playback you want and it will still be "authentic". DOS Doom supported a variety of different sound cards: not just the AdLib/SoundBlaster, but also the GUS and AWE32, or you could install an MPU card and output the music to a variety of different MIDI synthesizers. All of this is "authentic" because it was all possible to set up right from the start when the game was released in 1993. In terms of "supposed to sound like" (in terms of volume levels and such), probably the closest you'll get is the actual hardware that Bobby Prince used to compose the music, which was a Roland SC-55. We have convenient recordings of the music as it sounds played back through an SC-55 if that's the route you want to take.
  5. Not necessarily unambiguous!
  6. fraggle

    e1m8b portal lag

    The first video is how OPL music sounds on a real DOS machine with a Soundblaster compatible card. The second video (DOSbox 0.70) is incorrect/incomplete. Recent versions of DOSbox have pretty decent OPL emulation code, but if you're using something as old as 0.70 it's going to be terrible. If you want best-of-breed OPL emulation, you'll get more accurate results from Chocolate Doom or one of its derivatives than you'll get from DOSbox. That's because Choco uses Nuked OPL, which Nuke.YKT painstakingly reverse engineered from the real hardware. DOSbox hasn't caught up with this yet.
  7. You don't "need" a mouse, no, but it's a better tool because it allows faster turning and it's more precise. And there's nothing wrong or inauthentic about playing the game this way because the designers of the game always intended for people to be able to play using the mouse.
  8. Most of your comments in this thread seem to be describing your personal subjective experience of playing in GZDoom. We don't know why it subjectively feels easier to you but there are several potential reasons why you might be feeling that way. Pegg and others have listed some of them and he's given you some suggestions for things you might try in order to figure out what's making it feel easier to you. If you do, you might find out that it's one particular setting or other that's giving the game that feel. Either way, it's probably not a bug in GZDoom, which is what you seem to be assuming. Because Doom was always intended to be played with the mouse.
  9. I always felt that Quake's weapon models were a step backwards from Doom's photorealistic sprites. The polycount matters a lot more when the model is right in front of the camera and I think it probably took at least another 5 years for the technology to fully catch up again.
  10. fraggle

    DOSbox wad suggestions

    The DEHACKED lump is entirely cosmetic and you should be able to play it fine. I'm surprised to hear that it doesn't work with MBF though, since MBF supports BEX strings (it's a Boom derivative) and also supports loading DEHACKED lumps from WADs. So it ought to work fine and it sounds like there's a Freedoom bug that needs to be fixed.
  11. fraggle

    miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

    How small can an IWAD be? That's the task I set myself when putting together miniwad.wad. To clarify the aim, I set myself two additional goals: Doom II compatible, and "vaguely playable". It's not intended to look pretty, but you could in theory play the game this way. Featuring: File size is less than 250 KiB, and only 45 KiB when compressed. BYOL (Bring Your Own Level). The idea here is that you take any of the well-known megaWADs from idgames and play one of those. Otherwise you get 30 levels of the same tiny stub room. Usable menus. No music. Flat shaded walls and floors. There's a palette of eight colors; the textures from Freedoom were processed and each assigned to one of the eight. Mid-space "fence" textures do appear correctly. A tiny handful of sprites. All weapons are the same black rectangle; all monsters are the same creepy black silhouette; all items look like the same grey unlabelled box; all obstacles look like the same pillar. Multiplayer is supported. Players will look like a black silhouette wearing a vest. Two sound effects - gunshot and "pip". There are PC speaker versions of the same. Final Doom textures are included, so you can play WADs like PL2.WAD with this. BSD licensed, like Freedoom is. So, why do this? I had the idea for a while, but a discussion with Linguica prompted me to see what I could achieve. It's mostly a technical challenge just to see how small an IWAD could be, but it is potentially useful to have such a WAD. For example, if you're developing a source port or Doom-related tool and need an IWAD for running automated tests, you can use this - it's small enough that it won't take up lots of space in your Git repository. You can also distribute this as a fallback IWAD, knowing that it will only add 45 KiB to the download size of your tool. Although this is intended as a technical exercise, the result is still kind of interesting from an artistic perspective. This is still Doom, stripped down to the bones and barely recognisable. Nothing about the game's behaviour has changed, but without any of the usual artwork it looks barren. With the heavy reuse of sprites it seems very monotonous: you're exploring a place; there are monsters, they shoot you; you have guns, you can shoot them back. How did I do this? The whole thing was created from the start with wadptr in mind. This is a tool I wrote years ago to compress WAD files. Specifically, it can merge identical lumps and make graphic lumps smaller if there are identical columns. That's why the textures are all flat-shaded and use a limited palette: every 128x128 red wall texture is merged together inside the WAD for example, and since every column is identical, it squashes down to only 653 bytes. A lot of the sprites are symmetrical for the same reason (repeated columns). I have some ideas about how it might be compressed even further but for the time being I'm reasonably satisfied; wadptr reduces the file size by 97%. The "heavy lifting" was done with some Python scripting using the Pillow library to analyse the Freedoom texture set and generate the flat-shaded textures. Sprites were assigned from a set of templates using DEH 9000 to walk through Doom's state tables.
  12. fraggle

    Id Software

    Well, they're still alive, aren't they?
  13. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    Chocolate Doom is a conservative, historically accurate source port that recreates the experience of playing vanilla Doom on modern machines. For common questions, read the FAQ To report a bug, file an issue on Github. But be aware that your bug might be intended behavior. For latest bleeding-edge builds, check out http://latest.chocolate-doom.org. See the first thread for older posts on Chocolate Doom.
  14. fraggle

    How Come Heretic And Hexen Aren't As Popular As Doom?

    1. Doom came first. Others have covered this way better than I could. 2. Heretic/Hexen just aren't are fun as Doom. Heretic is a less artistically coherent game than Doom and Hexen's focus on puzzles is probably a turn-off to a lot of people. 3. I suspect something about the fantasy setting made them less appealing to the general public. Even today we see that FPSes are dominated by military themes. I think a lot of people would just much rather shoot a gun than zap a wand. Maybe it's a macho power-trip thing.
  15. fraggle

    Doom quality of life (Its really not)

    Please just post updates to this thread - there's no need to start a new thread every time you have an update. It keeps a clearer history and allows others to follow along with your work more easily.
  16. fraggle

    Warnings on Doomworld.

    You guys really need to calm the fuck down. I thought I made it pretty clear in my previous comment, when I said that in the context of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. being unwelcome on the forums. Sorry if that wasn't clear. If people are habitually crossing those lines, it sends the implicit message that certain groups of people aren't welcome on these forums. That's what I mean by "make people feel unwelcome", and it's why we don't tolerate that kind of talk here. More generally we don't like people who are rude or aggressive. The sad fact of the Internet is that there's always a small minority of people who act like that and it drives out the normal people who just want to talk about Doom, this wonderful hobby we all share. Bullies make people feel unwelcome and I was just trying to come up with a general way of thinking that covers the two categories, of "what not to do". If that's helpful or makes sense then by all means make use of it; if it doesn't make sense then feel free to disregard it. You shouldn't feel a need to walk on eggshells or think this is a minefield.
  17. fraggle

    Warnings on Doomworld.

    Maybe you'd like to explain why it's so important for you that you be allowed to make others feel unwelcome?
  18. fraggle

    Warnings on Doomworld.

    Cursing is fine. Rudeness isn't. What is absolutely not tolerated are slurs, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. If you're going to make other people feel unwelcome, you're not going to be welcome here.
  19. fraggle

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    I've been sitting on this long enough that I figured I should probably just make a thread about it already and gather some wider feedback. I've been putting together a Dehacked/vanilla-compatible port of Perkristian's smooth weapons mod. While this has been ported to most source ports, as far as I know this is the first vanilla-compatible version, and I had to invent new tooling to gather together enough extra animation frames to make it work. Download here. I'll upload to idgames once I get enough feedback. Features: Replaces all weapons with versions that have more animation frames. I've made this as conservative as possible so that this is just "more animation frames" - you won't find any black gloves or extra fanciness here. Entirely vanilla-compatible and can be literally played with vanilla Doom (batch files are included in the .zip), and Chocolate Doom as well of course. Demo compatible with vanilla Doom - you can play back vanilla demos and they won't desync. Or you can record vanilla demos with it loaded and it shouldn't make any difference. It's been tested against over 9,400 demos from the Compet-N archive which all play back without desyncing (using statcheck). Palette compatible with major mods like BTSX using my limited palette hack (see video below) Source code for the Dehacked patch can be found here in the DEH9000 repository. Yes, that really is the source code.
  20. fraggle

    a brief thought about reality

    I'm not sure what you want me to say - I do disagree with the OP and I've explained why. Based on what you've quoted, you seem to be taking exception with the very fact that I'm saying people are sometimes wrong about things. That seems self-evident to me - for example, if you say ghosts exist and I say they don't, one of us must be wrong. We can't both be right because the two are mutually exclusive. Conversely, if I do believe ghosts don't exist, I must necessarily believe you're wrong. That doesn't mean we can't have a civilised and respectful discussion about the subject. I actually think that on some level I'd be doing you a disservice by not being upfront about what I believe and why. If I was wrong I'd want someone to tell me, and it would feel infantilising if others felt like they had to pretend to agree with me and pay lip service to things they secretly thought were nonsense. I don't agree and I'd encourage you to question this conclusion. When you say that something can't be disproven you're saying it's unfalsifiable, and you can literally imagine an infinite number of unfalsifiable things that will never exist. For example, suppose I tell you that there's a ninja hiding in your garage. You can never disprove the claim because if you can't find him, it's because he's a ninja and an expert in concealing himself. Yet at a certain point, if you've searched the entire garage, taken the entire contents out, set up motion cameras and floodlights and found nothing, you have to conclude that there is no ninja. Any sane and reasonable person can see that it would be ridiculous to keep paying lip service to the idea - "well, maybe there is or there isn't, maybe we just haven't found him yet, I guess we'll never know". That's kind of what it's like when people talk about gods, ghosts, paranormal beings, etc. People have literally been searching for centuries and never found any conclusive evidence for them, and it's reasonable at this point to say "these things do not exist". I'll go one step further and say that when you can't disprove something like this exists, it's another mental trap that we as humans can fall into, and we should instead probably conclude it doesn't exist. There aren't any things in the real world that are unfalsifiable.
  21. fraggle

    a brief thought about reality

    I don't know why you're giving these things credence that they don't deserve. Fact is, sometimes people believe things that aren't true, and they're just wrong. I think you're presenting a false dichotomy between two extremes where either we have to give these ideas credence, or we have to treat the people who believe them as crazy or suffering from a mental illness. Rather the fact is that a lot of people are just mistaken about things and have convinced themselves of things that just aren't true. As humans we aren't perfectly logical analytical machines and there are a number of traps that we can fall into that lead us to false conclusions. Ask an antivaxxer about the basis of their beliefs for example, and they'll probably happily explain their carefully reasoned rationale about why they think vaccines are harmful, but they'll still be wrong. It's the same with everything else you mention - gods, ghosts, chakra energy. Nobody can look at the millions of pages of text people have written on these subjects in the past and conclude that the writers weren't sincere and probably mostly sane. The sad thing to realise is that they probably devoted thousands of hours of their lives to the study of something that they thought was real, and isn't.
  22. fraggle

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Thanks and sorry that I haven't gotten around to incorporating your changes yet because I know you fixed some stuff up a while back. Can you clarify if you changed the dehacked patch? Assuming so, it would be really helpful if you could point out which frames you changed. The dehacked patch is entirely autogenerated and I don't edit it myself - the source code for it is here which you can probably tell is a lot easier to work with.
  23. fraggle

    Warnings on Doomworld.

    OP means "original post", usually referring to the first post that starts a thread. One other thing - Warning points are basically meaningless. The forum software adds them automatically when a warning is issued but the Doomworld staff pay no attention to them and they aren't visible to anyone else.
  24. fraggle

    Warnings on Doomworld.

    The usual advice I'd give would be to make sure you're posting something interesting, original, or thoughtful. Don't create new threads just because you want to start a thread; only create them if you genuinely have something interesting to share or discuss. Don't bump old threads unless you have something new to share (there's even a warning on the page if you try to post to an old thread). Spend more time reading other people's comments rather than writing your own. Put more effort into your comments; prefer quality over quantity. Before you hit "post" or "reply", ask yourself: is this something interesting that other people are going to appreciate reading? If not, don't push the button.
  25. fraggle

    Chocolate Doom

    That is a bug, yes. Can you file a report on Github?