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  1. Archvile King gives me a big Dungeons of Dredmor vibe - love it Inescapable Pit Time is a big jam too
  2. Ariander

    small nitpicks?

    It's too easy to trivialize most of the super heavy enemies for how many crucible charges you get. You end up saving charges, not really using them on mid tier demons, compounding the issue.
  3. Ariander

    What makes a map good?

    Having a map or set of maps defeat your expectations in a positive way. That's obviously subjective to what those expectations were, but ideally you want it to be surprising in an engaging way or to take an existing idea or set of ideas further forward. You should have something you set out to do and have that map be appreciated by people other than yourself for what you set it out to do, be that gameplay or visual-wise. That could be a definition of good. There aren't correct answers here though, apart from probably the ones that give you a sense of personal satisfaction. If you wanted to look at maps which are good, look at the ones that set out to do and/or achieve something and then have the reception to show that they did that thing well. That kind of analysis comes naturally just through experience and feeling of how you're doing, I wouldn't personally worry about reflecting into the future like that.
  4. Ariander

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    Lush. I like it a lot.
  5. Ariander

    What's your favourite MIDI soundfont?

    I'm fan of silverspring15, I liked Arachno and SGM too.
  6. Ariander

    OBLIGE 3.47 Released

    This screenshot is pretty nice. Also, IMO, Hell is not hellish enough. Lava show flow freely and it should have more red rock. It's a bit gothic at the moment and less hellish. Also the red satyr face spitting blood has been used were there is no blood below.
  7. Ariander

    Dreaming of Oblivion

    That's looking pretty good.
  8. Ariander

    Scythe X - Episodes 1 to 2 released.

    This was a pretty challenging difficulty for me. But I made it through, so good job.
  9. Ariander

    Reading the Doom Source Code

    Notepad++ is by far my favourite. It's easy to use, and supports many languages.
  10. Ariander

    The best map ever

    Deus Vult 1: Map02 - When you walk into the large hellish chamber, you know killing all these monsters is not going to be a easy task.
  11. Personally, I would make some monsters be able to strafe attacks, probably revenants, demons, archviles, maybe lost souls too, because they pretty fast. Well. There so much I could think of but what would you guys do?
  12. Ariander

    Project Ideas Thread

    I'll do Map23. I already have one in the works so I may as well use it.
  13. Ariander

    Scariest DOOM experience

    That one demon that refuses to make a active sound and take a bite of your neck.
  14. Ariander

    What annoys you about DVII-1?

    It's fine and good difficulty for me until I get to Map12, then it becomes alot harder.