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    Young Doomers: Why this game?

    As far as I can remember - I was playing Doom before I could read and write, (and talk properly, but then I was very nearly sent to speech counselling at 4 years old, so it doesn't really count). I played it with my real dad, but once he left he took doom with him so for quite a few years (until I was about 10 and got a computer in my room), I wasn't able to play doom. One of the very first things I did was find a shareware copy of doom, and although I didn't play it huge amounts, I played it. Not so long ago, I got the full version of doom and I play it a fair amount. Most of the time now I map or go online but occasionaly when our internet goes down I'll fire up a single player game and have a play. The reason for my return: Because doom has a feel no other game can replicate. it's fun, but difficult. Theres always a new map to play thanks to the community. And especially more recently, it's an awesome stress reliever. I'll still play games that are made for the graphics, but only as long as they retain some gameplay. And I probably still play more doom. And for the record, I'm a 14 year old girl, if it makes a difference.