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  1. TheRequiern

    Now for Some Mod Time

    Granted, it is now time for "Exile Chapter 1: The Imbalance". A small single player campaign based on the future super civilization of humans in another galaxy when the power of good and evil has become unbalanced on a supernatural level. It takes place some 15 million years in the future. Far fetched and insane... So I'm in. It's something Im going to try and impress with and will take probably awhile to complete, at the moment I only have 2 people with me! My buddies from ITT! Minion and Darth Entice! It will be what our imaginations cant conceive so I hope Doom III's tech will atleast give me the ability to make it half of what I want it to be. Star Wars and Riddick killer!
  2. TheRequiern

    Sir Robin Lives

    Sir Robin updated his webpage? wow, it's been awhile.
  3. TheRequiern

    id Doesn't Love Trent (Apparently)

    I believe Trent Reznor would have more then likely left the project if anything. His music has been a part of his life ever since he was a child, which means he's been with his music before he produced sounds. His music is number one and if he were to get behind in his music he probably would do everything necessary to recetify that problem. Although, it just sounds like straight bs to me... it's far fetched and doesn't make any sense. Either way I doubt Trent would just leave Doom III, the biggest sequel to one of the most historic games of all time. I also think that ID would not just fire him or find someone else, why would they? It's almost as stupid as the person who made it up. Regards
  4. TheRequiern

    Doomworld Turns Five

    I remember the day it opened like the back of my hand and I will see the day it closes. Too many memories from the best game ever created, and ever will be. Your fellow friend, ~TheRequiem
  5. TheRequiern

    The /newstuff Chronicles #108

    A very good chronicles package. I think I'm going to have a little fun today.
  6. TheRequiern

    Blast From The Past

    I can barely remember when doomworld opened up... even thoe I didn't become an a ctual member till a half year later.
  7. TheRequiern

    will work for doom III

    I wouldn't buy any system at the moment for the simple fact that the gam is being designed for "next years" computers to run it at optimum performnce.
  8. TheRequiern

    Holy Fuck

    When are you ever going to give my original account back? ::cough::TheRequiem::cough::
  9. TheRequiern

    About Doom 64

    Well, I bought a sack and drank the beer... but there is one problem. LUT canceled my other account "TheRequiem", notice how this one has a "r" and a "n" to make it look like "m" because he said I started some sort of a flame war... I am still waiting for him to re-activate it since it was the original forum name. Heh, but thanks for the stuff.
  10. TheRequiern

    About Doom 64

    Thnx a whole lot guys.
  11. TheRequiern

    About Doom 64

    Im suprised no one flipped out on me this time. Hmm, doesn't hurt for a change in things. Anyhow, I would like to see those wads done for the Doom 64 sounds, music, textures and monsters... that would be tight as fuck. I got more of a better response then I could ever have hoped for, good lookin guys! P.S. Someone make a goddamn Doom 64 port on the computer... I'm sick of playing it on N64.
  12. TheRequiern

    idders Interview Part 2

    That's true... I guess from the looks of things that ID Software has built the Editor in the actual game. This will make it more of an ease then even editing original Doom, especially since technology is easier to handle and operate nowadays. I have thoroughly enjoyed every game from ID besides Quake III which did not cause much attention, however, Doom III is having just as much if not more attention then Quake II did and that was their last best game they have made.
  13. TheRequiern

    horray, i'm back for real.

    Besides the announcement of Doom III, Doom III at E3 and the first "official" screenshots, the represenation and intervies with ID members from gamespy, a movie was released showing "actual" footage of Doom III and etc... nothing much at all. =)
  14. TheRequiern

    About Doom 64

    I know most of you peeps out there didn't like Doom 64, but I for one... did like it. I think it would be interesting to see Doom 64 ported on the computer or even re-made. Re-making it would take a very loooooong time but even so, I think it could be worth it. Who out there agrees with me? Doom 64 was different, still kept me scared shitless, gave me the same adrenaline rush, gave me the same goosebumps and was just as if not more difficult to beat then Doom II. I don't know, I could be trippin but I liked it and I think it should be ported or re-made with todays standards in technology. Something to think about and buillshit about.