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  1. The_Poryman

    OBLIGE 3.39 Released

    im sick of tech base
  2. The_Poryman

    Limit shattering WADs?

    Dosn't that Gothic map with all the detail cause framerate issues? try that to test your engine lol.
  3. The_Poryman

    anyone know a good Heretic Megawad?

    that takes up all 5 episodes? if anyone knows of a real good one can you post it please. I wanna shoot up red gargoyals instead of brain dead zombies rofl
  4. The_Poryman

    Whispers of Satan RELEASED!

    that some sexy screenshots. cant wait.
  5. The_Poryman

    Some new (old) map

    also i forgot to mention is somewhat reminds me of Quake.. dont know why.. I think its the building style
  6. The_Poryman

    Some new (old) map

    love the background.
  7. The_Poryman

    Heres a map i made from begginings kk thx

    This is probly want he wants. Heh.