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File Reviews posted by xvertigox

  1. This is a cute 94 midi pack that replaces every E1 track with a different classical piece. They actually sound decent so the midis could be used for a map. It's definitely cool to see these early Doom mods.

  2. RetributioN Trilogy



    The first map of the RetributioN is a huge, sprawling techbase that's being taken over by hell or at least has hellish influences. This map really is huge - it clocks in at 600+ monsters and 18 secrets.


    I'm impressed at how consistently detailed the map is despite it's size. In particular I liked the hellish areas (the red hex area especially) and where sectors were used for ground patterns (UAC logo, health areas etc). There were a few minor issues here and there with texture alignments, lower unpegging etc but they truly are minor.


    For a map it's size the flow and progression was solid. The couple of times I did get lost was due to my own inattention/donkey brains rather than the map. That being said you really do have to pay attention to what's going on or you will get lost. As you'd expect for a map this size there's a good amount of non-linearity. There's more than one occasion where you open a door and are presented with three totally different large areas to explore.


    The secrets on this map are a testament to how much thought was put into it. There's clear telegraphing in places and you have to use your brain to solve puzzles to get to other secrets. I especially liked the secret where you have to turn around and shoot the switch to get the megaarmor. One of the early secrets with the barons and invulnerability+berserk was great too. The secrets are definitely one the maps strongest points.


    The map is interesting monsterwise as it's quite restrained in it's bestiary. Your primary enemies will be revenants, imps, sargents and pinkies. The map isn't overly hard unless you make mistakes (like I did..) but the tight ammo keep things interesting. There are a few interesting fights where you come across big hordes of monsters such as the cyberdemon and spider mastermind battles. You also get ample opportunity to use your rocket launcher to blow away groups of imps and zombiemen. There's a few nasty traps but nothing over the top.


    This map was very enjoyable and never felt like a slog. The progression was such that you knew what that switch you just flipped did despite not hearing a door open so you don't get frustratingly lost. I highly recommend playing through this and look forward to playing the next two maps.



    This is the second map out of three in the RetributioN triliogy and boy is it a doozy. It's a doozy both in scale and difficulty.


    The architecture is what jumps out at you the most. Right from the start you can see that a lot of care went into making the level look great start to finish. From it's blood red cathedral to the hellscape swarming with revenants it really looks fantastic. It's not just the architecture but the detailing as well. This is most noticeable in the green marble areas - of which there are plenty. Another stand out in this regard is the Doom 4 glyphs made out of sectors that actually look like what they should.


    With how menacing the map itself looks you'd expect brutal difficulty and you'd be right. The 1000+ monsters keep you on your back foot for the vast majority of the level. You're not running around gleefully blowing away whatever crosses your path but rather trying to scratch out a safe little corner for yourself. This is done through intelligent monster placement such as arachnatrons with line of sight to the spot where you'd naturally go for cover. The enemies don't feel cheap, just tough. There's also periods of the map where there are (very) few enemies which is a nice change of pace.


    The health/armor/balancing is aligned with the rest of the map - tough. For a lot of the time you're just scraping by then eventually you hit the jackpot and get smorgasbord of rockets, cells and health. That is, after you clear the revenants, mancubi, archviles and chaingunners. The map features 11 secrets which supplement your resources considerably  (the 3 that I managed to find made a huge difference).


    With a map this size and long you'd be right to be concerned about flow and progression however those concerns are not justified. Not once was lost in my playthrough as each piece led to another logically and smoothly. The map is still open and non-linear but you instinctively know where to go.


    I highly, highly recommend playing this map. It looks beautiful and the satisfaction you get from clearing each area is significant. I'm very much looking forward to the finale of this wad.




    Iconoclasm is the boss map finishing off the RetributioN trilogy. Where as the previous maps took 40min+ iconoclasm can be finished in ~2min when playing it for the first time.


    The map seems hard but it's not. RNG and movement mistakes are what get you killed in this map.


    Playing it separately to the previous two it feels underwhelming but when looked at in the context of the whole wad I feel the length is appropriate. The first two maps are so long and gigantic that having a succinct boss fight is a good idea.


    I highly, highly recommend checking this wad out for yourself!




  3. Greymood


    The map description states that Haruko tried to express his depressive feelings through the texturing and that came through. The dim lighting and midi went a long way in helping it to sell the depressive feeling.


    The geometry was solid with some particularly nice detailing here and there but the actual layout was really good. The central hub worked well with keeping you on track.


    The monster placement was on point and led to interesting fights - particularly the ones involving archviles. I really found the difficulty to be just about perfect on UV.


    The crescendo at the end worked very well where it was tough but understandable and beatable. At first it's a chaotic mess of monsters, archviles and an Icon of Sin but as you work your way through the madness it starts to make sense.


    It takes care and attention to try to express something as abstract as an emotion (other than rage) through Doom wads and I think Greymood did that with the gameplay to back it up. I'd be interested to hear from Haruko if any particular set-piece or element was representative of anything.

  4. Hidden Base


    This is very clearly a myfirstlevel.wad. It doesn't flow very well, the encounters are boring and easy. There isn't much detailing at all and the texturing is all over the place. It was definitely short but lacking secrets and had some very counterintuitive parts, gaps that you look like you can fit through for a secret but can't (check screenshot attached)


    I go into more depth in the FDA + review I recorded for you here - 


    If you want to talk more about the map or ask anything just hit me up.