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  1. Update - I've been contacting various organizations to see who has a book scanning rig and it's been pretty fruitless so far. I've contacted everyone from Auckland Museum to the national Libraries and am waiting on a reply from one of the Heritage orgs.


    It looks like I'll need to build my own rig. I'm going to start getting the materials next week so will hopefully have something to give you all in the next few weeks.

  2. Time to digitize. I'll digitize them all then dump then at once. Can I get clarification on if I can post the links here? Regardless of DW's official stance they will go on archive.org, a private ebook tracker and I'll host them on my Google Drive. That being said I would love to post them here for all you beautiful people @Linguica @Quasar






  3. I'm reading the first Doom novel at the moment and I can confirm it's a decent and definitely cheesy read. For me, it's not really a page turner but it's definitely cool to check out.


    I do like collecting stuff but I'm more of a digital hoard. I might need to butcher these books to get good scans but in the end it'll be worth it.

  4. 4 hours ago, Jon said:

    The first doom novel is trashy fun. 


    On my long term goals list is scanning a copy of 3d game alchemy and putting it on archive.org.  The PDF on the CD is only for some chapters that didn't actually make it into the book - stuff about hexen acs for example.  But the book itself is only useful as a historical curiosity and not superb as a modern day editing guide. 


    I agree with the Doom novel, I'm reading through it currently after being on a big Lovecraft kick.


    I'm also wanting to digitize copies of these books and place them on archive.org. I've ordered all the books from the editing section on doomwiki (bar the japanese one) as well as The Lost Episodes of Doom book (fuck, I love that cover). I'm not sure what the best method is to actually digitize them, I understand archive.org has some pretty robust rigs for this purpose which I obviously have no access to. I'm going to talk to some friends who are still at Auckland Uni or have connections there to see if they can be any assistance.



    As someone who grew up reading the Doom Construction Kit many, many times as a kid I would be absolutely fascinated to read a PDF scan of it, if you were willing.  From what I remember, it focuses very much on the tools at the time (DEU, Dehacked, DMUS etc.) so from a historical point of view should be extremely interesting to compare to modern approaches. 


    I fully agree. Assuming all the books turn up (shipping from the US to New Zealand) I'll be digitizing them one way or another. They need to be preserved and shared - whether or not the links will be able to be shared on Doomworld forums is another question.

  5. On 12/10/2017 at 5:30 AM, Quasar said:

    Not to be antagonistic but technically links to PDFs of these books would be warez.


    Pardon the thread Necro but I'd like clarification on this. Is this still the official DW stance? I've just got a copy of 'Tricks of the Doom Gurus' and I've got a physical copy of 'The Doom Construction Kit' coming in the mail. Since these books are OOP and I'm interested in preserving them am I able to post links to pdfs?

  6. 37 minutes ago, Gez said:

    They're from Sound Ideas Series 1000, aren't they? Doom (in both its original and console versions) is faaaar from being the only game to use those.


    I had a look at Series 1000 earlier today but unfortunately couldn't find links to the various gunshots. I had a look at other popular libraries from around that time and none of those matched. Also, God damn these sounds are expensive... I get that a library would be expensive but some sites want $5 USD for a single gunshot sounds.

  7. I've had the exact same thought as you @Euden! I'm in the process of getting everything sorted so I can make a 90s style wad with authentic tools.


    I've actually just written up a quick guide on how to get DMapEdit running and able to produce maps. The best bet in my experience is to use DOS 6.22 in a VM (VirtualBox) with maybe Win98 over the top for easier file transfer to the host machine. I'll send you a PM.