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  1. Original here


    Been a while (year) so I figured I'd ask what you guys are up to again, this night, or this week.

    I just got a canon powershot A75 camera which I've been screwing around with, if anyone is looking for a good beginners digicam, get this camera! I got it at $400 canadian, a nice lexar 12x 256 meg flash card, and 2100 MaH panasonic batteries with a charger (alkaline batteries suck, I don't care who says they are good, NiMH (nickel-metal hydroxide) = <3 Also working 6 days a week, and also hanging out with the girlfriend as usual (same one as original thread).

    Oh and I saw a bird today.

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    2. Danarchy


      - This girl I know keeps sending me mixed signals.
      - Working on my driver's liscence. I'll hopefully have it by the end of the month. I failed the drive test by only 6 points last time.
      - Going to buy the new Skinny Puppy album when it comes out in 11 days.
      - Going to see Skinny Puppy in concert June 12th.
      - A friend of mine who was working at Wizards of the Coast offloaded about $300 worth of Tyranid miniatures on me because WotC closed all their retail stores.
      - Another friend of mine has his birthday coming up, but I have no idea what to get him and he wont give me any ideas.
      - Finaly downloaded a DN3D source port and have been playing that a bunch.
      - I plan on getting a job after I get my liscence.
      - I read this great comic called Watchmen not to long ago (I reccomend it to everyone).
      - My Dad hasn't contacted us since I last saw him over 2 months ago. He still sends child support checks, so I guess he isn't dead, but still I wonder what's up.
      - I have two cavities and should probably schedule an appointment to get them filled.

      So yeah, mostly very boring crap.

    3. zark


      Started going out with this really awesome girl, things seem to be going pretty well :)

      Going to university in 4 months to do my Computer Games Technology course... getting a little nervous about it

      Supposed to be starting work soon (within the next few weeks) but haven't heard much about it yet

    4. Laguna


      Let's see. What did I do the other day...?

      I got my new PC built! It runs smoothly. On UT2K4, the average framerate is in the high 50's or low 60's with EVERYTHING (read: EVERYTHING) on max settings (including those with "highest" settings).

      Saturday I got tanked at a wedding reception and hit on a bartender (and she was very cute at that). I drank about 14 beers in 1 and a half hours.

      That's about it. I can't remember much. Oh yeah, Sunday morning I woke up with a horrible hangover and I almost peed my pants from all the beer.