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  1. Nice work! Out of curiosity, what was v1.0?
  2. Bosh, secret levels are the best place to be gimmicky and self-indulgent! (Although preferably in an enjoyable way rather than a "joke WAD" way.) As far as confessions go, I confess to being one of those old cranks who'd rather edit raw bbcode rather than use a WYSIWYG editor. Bah humbug!
  3. drfrag might be the same person as dondiego? Don't you know for sure, drfrag? :)
  4. I think not. I for one am tired of threads having uncompressed WADs for download when a ZIP would be half (or in this case more like 1/4) as big and accordingly take less time to download. You're welcome!
  5. I'd definitely rather hear '90s pop music than '80s NES music. Yes level designers, I know you have fond childhood memories of that upbeat thirty-second chiptune loop (in some cases so do I), but that doesn't make it any more appropriate for slogging around for ten minutes battling hellspawn, however "arcadey" the layout! At least pop songs usually offer two or three minutes with variations.
  6. GLOOME has been kaput for nearly a year, so now's a good time to get caught up. :) What concerns did you have? Not strictly enough clean-roomed? There's also Odamex, which is derived from a ZDoom (1.22) fork which was GPL'd with Randy Heit's permission.
  7. Now there's a project I'd like to see: Less-sucky replacement textures for Icarus. Either that or less-sucky replacement textures for STRAIN.
  8. You can and I agree. Infinite zaps for the win!
  9. Awave Studio or something else? On the topic, I've been using PrBoom-Plus + fluidsynth + Patch93's SC-55 soundalike soundfont v2.2 which is the latest version as far as I know.
  10. If that's the case, then it must be Lifewater!
  11. Oh yes.
  12. I'd care, but mostly because it'd mean someone finally snapped and leaked it, haha. And then there'd be an endless stream of uploads and bans and re-uploads and re-bans and re-re-uploads and re-re-bans which would bring about the End Times. It'd be amazing.
  13. Map 4's red key is easy to bump up against and grab from the floor below its platform. Like, hilariously easy. I was thinking "is this the intended progression?" THAT easy!
  14. O RLY?
  15. Yikes. That sounds pretty inefficient, BUT it could be done that way to make it easier to implement vanilla's depth cueing. Alternatively it could be to minimize the amount of modification to the R_DrawColumn() and R_DrawSpan() equivalents; never underestimate the programmer-on-a-deadline factor. :)