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  1. oh boy, do I try and make something that looks good or go ToD?
  2. I definitely noticed I was more prolific while stressed and possibly depressed. Escapist stuff. Since I ran out of ideas for doom I pretty much don't touch it.
  3. It's in /incoming. have fun
  4. Play lots of maps, learn how each mob works, and figure out how they put the most pressure on you. Then make a layout that puts that pressure up to 11. Then try to beat it until you barely can. The trick is to limit what mob types you throw into the layout. You literally can't have more than 4-5 mob types in an area though without them infighting and taking the pressure off. You've got to have each type placed so they cause minimal infighting, or have the pressure be the infighting. Random cyber rockets to the face are pretty common in slaughter, and an area saturated in manc fireballs is pretty bad. But generally infighting is bad for pressure, as revs will laser beam onto their target and other mobs have single projectiles and are fairly bad for volume fire, or are too fat to provide much volume (looking at you arachnotrons). Or die too fast or kill too quick like chaingunners and shotgunners. If your thing isn't slaughter, look into making the smallest map area you can without making it too hard to move in. I see time and again experienced mappers pointing out 'less area to move = harder' and it's true. Italo doom, while slaughter, is actually mostly small rooms, there's generally nothing huge that you can run around in. Swift death, though I didn't really play much of it, starts really small, and is jam packed with mobs in hard spots. You need a plan, and act on it well, to survive. Then there's my actual maps, where most are just hard enough and really an excuse to bring out the rocket launcher or bfg. Which are FUN weapons. If I had any real interest in coding I might make a game around bfg-eque mechanics.
  5. Happy Birthday Doom! NG2 is almost there, I swear ...
  6. It's a midi version of Primo Victoria by Sabaton, I don't remember where I found it. Eventually I'll make a list of what each midi is, if I can remember.
  7. So we've been looking over a bunch of feedback and vods on twitch etc and we've got a second beta version done, changelog in spoilers if I can do it correctly. But big news is, it's zdaemon compatible, according to Archi. Idk, I don't use it much.
  8. So it slipped my mind, map16's midi doesn't like fluidsynth I think? So change the midi playback to sdl or portmidi. Sorry but it's been a problem for a while and I can't figure it out.
  9. There should be a shotgunner on a small platform before that, but yeah there should just be a shotgun there instead. It's ... really weird to just throw it in so late though. map16, there are options to get it to be more consistent ... but it involves moving the spawn destination outside the map to a closet, and I didn't want that. Or I could make the scroll faster, it looks weird, well weirder. 31, I'll have to look at that.
  10. Nice speed, definitely favors that over max. Bemused, that's going to be an issue for a lot of people I bet, it just had to be done cause the way the fight works.
  11. Some of the maps use zdoom -extended format nodes, I think zdaemon doesn't handle that. pr/glboom+ are the intended ports.
  12. Hope you guys are enjoying it, let me know if anything is buggy! Or Map name suggestions, those would be cool too.
  13. Hey there Doomworld, it's been a long time coming, and would likely have fallen into the depths of the void without Archi prodding me along and contributing several maps. But we have rallied together and put together 17 maps, 1-16 and a map31, for a second movement of the Newgothic piece. While we have had lots of help with feedback from select testers, now we need the community to find bugs and uh, help with difficulty settings, and any feedback provided will be appreciated. Demos, twitch streams, youtube videos, anything you'd like to post, is welcome. Especially map names, though please limit suggestions to specific maps and, if possible, edit your post to include any more name suggestions so we have it in one place. Here is the download link: Now get ready for some great slaughter gameplay and get dooming! Screenshots without the hordes of mobs: E: Map16's midi doesn't like certain formats, I think portmidi or sdl works, so change it for that map. E: V2 Changelog here DOWNLOAD V2 HERE
  14. NG2 is still happening. And I am likely sleep deprived. But it is.

    1. Voros


      Get some sleep.


    2. Khorus



      Insomnia is a bitch.

  15. 16 grid, max straight line length 160, max health available in level 1600, must have exactly 16 cyberdemons.