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Status Updates posted by ArmouredBlood

  1. NG2 is still happening. And I am likely sleep deprived. But it is.

    1. Voros


      Get some sleep.


    2. Khorus



      Insomnia is a bitch.

  2. It's been a long time since my last post, I don't even remember what I talked about. I've been trying to come up with a place to let this stress out more anonymously, but I guess this is where I'll go anyway.

    I got laid off in September last year from my first job out of college after only 4 months. Since then I've moved back in with my parents and siblings, and have been halfheartedly looking for jobs. Between the blow sudden unemployment gave me, living in a new place with no friends for half a year, and a realization that's been slowly building, and I've finally acknowledged, that I'd really rather be working on a game taking the slaughter elements of my mapping style into a more modern engine than as a bio lab tech or scientist, I just don't know where to go. It doesn't help being basically addicted to the internet to the extent I rarely even make maps. But that's half the problem; I know making maps isn't earning me money, and I feel guilty spending time on it when I could be finding a job. I'm lucky enough to have parents who will let me freeload a while and can afford it, but for the last year I've been reliant on them, and it hurts. One of my sisters distracts from that because of how much trouble she gets into, but I'm still here taking up space.

    Now that I've got the depressing stuff out of the way I can think about what I think my options are. I could continue trying to find a job related to bio. I liked it enough to get a bachelor's in it, despite getting a 2.8 GPA and no research experience. I could look into making a game with preexisting or free assets, or try and find someone to work with me on that, or try and make them myself, with my OK drawing and shitty gimp/Photoshop abilities and like half a blender tutorial. Look into unreal 3 engine or maybe see what I can do with rage, since I have it. Still haven't played it. Or find a job outside bio, I'm not sure what. I really like boardgames like house on the hill, castles of burgundy, or dominion. Maybe a hobby shop will take me.

    Anyway that's what's bothering me. In other news I'm getting closer to ng2 being done, just 2 more maps to do. It'll be shorter than ng1, but I think will be better. It's going to need a bit of polishing too, but if I could get myself to work on it instead of watching twitch I'd probably get it done fast.

    1. dew


      Long-term unemployment screws up your habits and resolve, every little task feels like an insurmountable problem that requires a day or two of preparations. It's really hard to get yourself out of that mental hole. I've been there and only getting a job changed my perspective again. And no, it wasn't anywhere near my dream job or the job I have today, I signed up to an agency and took what came my way (and wasn't some menial work position, I still wanted to keep some dignity, heh). From there I got the confidence to move towards better jobs eventually.

    2. Use


      Grab a quick toss-away job just so you can contribute, work part-time, then you can focus on other things and not feel like a schmuck. Keep your options open and something will come along. Good to see you!

  3. Thought I'd mess around, try and get some more newgothic out. And streaming it. I may or may not keep it up.


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    2. scifista42


      Can you save your streams for non-live rewatching next time, please? (I actually don't know how exactly Twitch works, though)

    3. ArmouredBlood


      Heh thanks cupboard, I'm not sure when exactly it went offline so I'm not sure how much I added. We'll see, I'm going to start streaming in a few minutes.

      Scifista, I could do VoDs, but I play pandora in the background, so they could get muted. I think it's not a big deal if you just want to watch the process, but you'll lose the explanations/comments/ramblings too. I'll enable it and hope not to get banned lol. I might try to find some indie music and inquire into playing/advertising it, but that takes a lot of work to curate. I know of at least 1 source I could try, but I'm not sure I'd have enough to keep my juices going. Pandora has helped me get a lot of editing done.

      E: Done streaming, map is almost done except for testing and textures not playing nice! Once I get some more maps done I plan on sending them to people to be rigorously tested, no community testing this time. I think that hurt NG1, and contributed to my taking a break on ng2.

      VoD is up, already 70% muted. I don't think you can hear me anyway. I'll try wearing headphones next time and boosting the mic.

    4. ArmouredBlood


      Moving stream announcements to the doom general thread. I'll be streaming in a few, covering an fda I got and then working on some feedback, I have quite a few ideas floating in my head.

  4. My laptop of 6 years broke its video card on me a few weeks ago, so I'm stuck on the family computer for a while. Doom and doomworld have been low on the priority list because of that, and mapping is ... unlikely. My hard drive should be fine, so, just need to get an enclosure and try to get the data copied and then the few maps/scraps I got will be saved. Lots of time to read and hang out with people, but I've never been an out and about person. I have a job interview coming up Wednesday and with US football season starting soon (stupid fantasy football getting me interested) I'll have plenty to do until I save the money for a computer of my own again, and then save for graduate school.

    Oh yeah, and student loans. They suck. Scared to hell of that 22k looming over me for the next 10 to 20 years. And that was for 3 years with community college. I'm in forebearance/application for deferment for a month or so more, so it's not immediate, but fuck that rolled over 550$ bill the second month and threats of default ... that's motivating me to get a job ASAP. I think with some organization and a decade more of students in huge loan debts, us USAers will finally get the gov to help pay the debt and get money to colleges to reduce tuition, but that's rather far off and no help now.

    Between the intense boredom and ohshitshit'sgettingseriousnow, I've been caught heavily by the living card game Android:netrunner and own the core and all expansions except one, and love to play it however infrequently my friends who do play it can hang out. Also star wars: edge of empire is awesome, and my group had its second meeting Sunday in which we killed lots of thugs and our R2 unit doctor masqueraded as cousin it in wookie pelts for a bit. I got to fail at being a mystic Gand findsman too, although I got a few souvenirs for the people. My WoW raid group finally killed lei shen, and now we're hoping to gear everyone up a little better in the one week we have before 5.4 hits. Luckily the family computer is just different, and not worse than my laptop, so games go decently. Not fun occupying the computer 8-10 PM on thursday though.

    And the last thing to talk about. One of our dogs, around 9-12 years old (I have no idea how old anymore really) had to be put down last week from having his second lung collapse. He hadn't been doing too great lately, and I'm worried our other dog will be following not too far off from losing him since they were siblings, but such is life. It didn't affect me quite as hard as losing the dog we had before them, but I was much younger. My sisters are more affected since they didn't really know our last dog that long. Well, just had to get that out there.

    Anyway, I've been both good and bad, life going as it does. Better than the last school semester when I was just tutoring and doing fuck all else and bored out of my mind when not playing games. Thinking of taking some programming classes on coursera or something, learn python or java, so I can get closer to my interest in bioinformatics. And then one day, when genomes can be modified and sculpted into new species that are 95% of the time viable, I will create creatures that will offer more efficient, environmentally and ecologically safe and adjusted alternatives to current mechanical industries. Well, that's the dream. Maybe keep my offhand promise to my dad to brew a purple beer that tastes great until then. SO much that could be done in the future, if we don't fuck it up.

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    2. ArmouredBlood


      Perhaps I wasn't coherent enough at 2 am to get across the idea that I would like PAST loans to be forgiven and FUTURE tuition to be paid, at least enough to make it so we're not gimping ourselves once we graduate. Or maybe you lack the logic to understand that's what I meant.

      And Springy, perhaps I should've clarified that was for 3 years at a CSU, with interest since day 1 of the loans. I had 2 years of community college before that. Thanks for the well wishes, I think it went pretty good, but there were some things I thought of after that I should've expanded on. First interview in my field though, should get better.

    3. Springy


      exp(x) said:

      Remember folks, AndrewB knows money.

      Not as much as he knows about hot Asian women.
      Anyway, that tends to happen in interviews; you seem to think of things that should have been added after the interview is done.

    4. Hellbent


      I have $700+ in interest I owe on a credit card bill I can't afford and $40K college loans after interest that I haven't started paying yet. Yep, fun times.

  5. *Something something degreeless mode*

    I finished classes this fall and finally, after 5 1/2 years, have my BS in biology: cell and molecular focus (it does not say the focus on my degree unfortunately). So that means time to start my career, or actually do what I planned on and get into a master's program. Or both, I think it's actually possible vs. working on a PhD and a job. So, either more time for mapping, or less, depending on how likely I am to be doodling.

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    2. cannonball


      congratulations AB
      Not sure what to recommend, perhaps staying in academia, I graduated in chemistry last summer and still haven't found a job. But it depends where you are in the world I suppose.

    3. Csonicgo


      cannonball said:

      congratulations AB
      Not sure what to recommend, perhaps staying in academia, I graduated in chemistry last summer and still haven't found a job. But it depends where you are in the world I suppose.

      I got out of chem for exactly that reason. so now I'm a double major, working on my CompSci degree now.

    4. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      cannonball said:

      congratulations AB
      Not sure what to recommend, perhaps staying in academia, I graduated in chemistry last summer and still haven't found a job. But it depends where you are in the world I suppose.

      Maybe it's time to start cooking meth, Mr. White

  6. I beat the first mission in story on very hard in Fzero GX. That was the only one I hadn't done, and I beat it by .005 seconds. It took 2 or 3 hours of hand pain (I don't play consoles much anymore) and heavy concentration. It has been at least 8 years since the game came out, and I just got the last thing I wanted to do in it. Yay.

    In other news, I have had a few ideas for maps but nothing really motivating. I think it's from a lack of musical interest - that usually gets me going. Should find some new midi artists to keep up on.

    I have a job (!) tutoring that is 4 hours a week and 15$ an hour ... yay end of college where I want to work but can't do what I want around my class schedule. How annoying. I will be done with requirements by January so things should go somewhere then.

    Waiting for the last Wheel of time book to come out, I think it's soon? January 8th apparently. Found a few good books lately but I want to go the library again tomorrow. I need to find the rest of the laundry series by stross, and wondering when SM Stirling will put something out again. Don't have the budget to buy much so it's all on the library.

    Joined a fantasy football league this September and been doing horrible in it due to some bad drafting, meh trading, and starting reggie bush for the last 5 weeks. Ugh. Newbie tip, never look for the most hilarious names to draft. Also know when division games are. And poor michael vick can't seem to catch a break. If you want some mind-numbing "why is this on the internet" look up manningface.

    I think League of Legends will not stop making champions and the winners will all be people who know their matchups. I don't know, I haven't played more than 10 games against AI though.

    Age of Mythology is awesome, but the hard difficulty makes things a bit annoying - I hate restarting something, even if it's only 5 minutes. Wasn't too bad when doing the Fzero run but it seriously stopped me from playing Kotor 1 all the way and is probably what stopped me from finishing ME2 and Dead space 2.

    Anyway, that's me for the last month or 3.

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    2. RestlessRodent


      Everything except pineapple (allergic) and anchovies/sardines (also allergic).

      And yes, pineapples cause me to get sick.

    3. hex11


      All the veggies. All of them! And one of those meats, maybe grilled chicken.

  7. So for the last 4-5 years I've had a razer diamondback, and recently it's been acting up. "Disconnecting", freezing the cursor in place for a few seconds while it reconnects. In most cases the light stays on but in some it will turn off. I've come to the conclusion the wire is fraying, and bending the first 5-10"s from the mouse will cause the light to go off and disconnect, so I'm fairly sure I'm right.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a new mouse and after a fairly short search I found this model - the gigabyte M6980. I'm wondering if anyone has had one, and what their experience with it is. And if there's any others you guys would recommend, I'd appreciate it. Preferably around or under 40$, heheh.

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    2. exp(x)


      My wife and I both have a Logitech M505 for our laptops. I love that they don't have any side buttons, and the USB receiver is small enough to leave plugged in all the time, but they're probably not good for gaming.

    3. HavoX


      I've had a MX510 for a long time, and it's still working like a champ.

      There aren't quite lot of gaming mice with a laser sensor in the $35-$40 range that will meet your needs, so you probably might be better off saving your cash on a better brand. If you feel the GM-M6980 will do the job, then go for it.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Thinking of replacing my MX518 with G400, basically an updated version with twice the DPI and higher polling rate.

  8. So, been a while. As the title says, I took ochem2. Retook it actually, and just had my final. God damn was that hard, my brain feels like mush now. Still have a micro final at 8 am tomorrow, but then I'm blissfully free until the semester starts, when I'll probably apply for grad school. Luckily the place I'm going now has a biotech/bioinformatics masters so I don't really have to go anywhere. Problem is I'm not sure I'll make it in, so it's time I start actually looking for a job in my field, in case my upper div gpa is too low or something.

    That's not really what's on my mind though. It's where to fucking eat. Come home, not really much here, think of daphne's but I just had it for lunch yesterday, not really in the mood for burgers but onion rings sound good. Snapper Jack's could be good but I haven't really tasted the tacos the last few times I've gone, not to mention it's a bit expensive. Chinese, panda has no sweet and sour pork so that's out, and Chesters is rather expensive. Pizza, I could go for some dominos. Actually that doesn't sound too bad. So now dominoes vs. onion rings from habit. Oh nice crunchy fried food ...

    Later thinking of seeing the muppet's movie with friends but I'd miss studying for that final.

    So yeah that's about it. Been too busy with classes to really work on anything, although I tried to start up a base map for a friend's birthday. Got most of the layout but damn I don't want to texture/detail/place monsters it.

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    2. printz


      Chemistry is awesome, too bad I was persuaded not to study (so as not to work in) chemistry -_-

    3. Tango


      HavoX said:

      That was one of the reasons I never went to college. It's a waste of time and pointless, especially since I was going to get my high school diploma anyway.

      Take Kobe Bryant and LeBron James for example. They never went to college, and they're having successful NBA careers!

      dude fuck, what am i doing here. goodbye college, here i come nba

      man everyone should try this.

    4. HavoX


      Tango said:

      dude fuck, what am i doing here. goodbye college, here i come nba

      Oh no, you don't...

      Get back here and finish college like everybody else! :P

  9. Well, lease for a car. That I won't be getting too much use out of cause I have class only 2 days where I'd get the car and I take the bus half the way anyway. The geo prism we had is getting salvaged after my sister rear-ended someone almost 2 weeks ago - luckily it looks like only we had 'severe' damage. By which I mean the damage caused an estimated 2200$ of repairs and the car was valued at barely 2100$. So, my mom pushes for a lease on a 2011 honda civic. It's pretty nice, barring how skinny it is, how small the steering wheel is, and the insanely low front bumper that I've hit bottom on twice after leasing the car less than 24 hours. Nice darkish blue color. Also my parents don't trust my sister to drive it after the crap she does, hahaha.

    In anycase, spring break ended on a note that was at least nice - I basically got an A on the first of two exams in bioinformatics, new car, finally got oceanborn off amazon, and decided to snag the first season of metalocalypse too. And ordered a bunch of wowtcg cards with my friends. Yeah I play it, no one I know plays magic anymore >.< Makes up for the F in ochem2, stress of not knowing wtf we'll do for a car, and general mehness of actual spring break. Just need to push my grades for another month and a half and I'll be good. Oh and I get Cezar chavez day off tomorrow, thanks csu/uc systems for your randomness.

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    2. Planky


      I suppose then it depends on whether you are talking about the hatchbacks or sedans. The sedans do look bland and I've never liked them. I've always had a thing for the hatches, specifically the (unmolested) EF9s.

    3. 40oz


      cool that you get the car all to yourself now :)

    4. DuckReconMajor


      everybody likes green

      sorry about your spring break

  10. You didn't make the fucking games, don't say it's your fucking 'new' titles. They were made by new world computing and published by 3DO, you just snagged an ip when it was dying and added a game I never played (dark messiah) and a game I liked but felt very different aesthetically from the originals (HoMM5). I hope you restart the MM series but I rather doubt it and if you did they'd feel just as different as HoMM5 was, and HoMM6 will most likely be. Granted this might just be a mix-up on the marketing end of GoG, but I'd assume some execs would proofread this crap and point out to marketing their mistake. And since they're old games they probably don't care anyway. Meh. I hope they get 8 in there now considering 6 and 7 are up - I'm not sure exactly where I put my dad's cds ... heheh.

    Rant aside, I will say gog has some cool stuff. I got Aquanox of them during christmas, and it has been amazing to play - the story is told in voiced conversations between character portraits with ambient sounds, which really helps me imagine what's going on. The looks of the game are also really sharp and well-done, looking surprisingly well for a 2000 game. And the battles are cool too, like descent with a much more limited loadout (2 guns and a set of torpedoes, and 'buzzers' - torpedo misdirectors) but many guns have a useful secondary and vary enough that you'll use basically all of them at one time or another. The torps are kinda iffy, with real limited lockons except for the highest tiers, but are useful in clearing smaller ships or causing massive damage to stationary frigates. There's also upgrades and special slots for ships, and as you go through the story you get better ships you can buy, increasing armor and torp/buzzer capacity. Still haven't finished it due to quicktime trying to update during a mission and screwing my mouse focus (f you quicktime), but I think I'm getting close. And then it'll be on to aquanox 2.

    So, life in general. Classes are meh, I'm correlating not being able to study with it being spring semester, which is not good cause I need all my credits this semester so I can graduate NEXT spring >.< Still thinking about bugging a prof to do research. And no job ... definitely by lack of trying. Parents are too good to me. But eh, will see what happens. Was worried a bit for my friend who's in japan for school but it turns out he's fine. Sounded pretty gung-ho about it, heheh. Haven't played my saxophone in a couple months now, last time was teaching my sister to play for marching band. Was sounding rusty and a little short of breath then, don't really want to find out how bad it is now, though the longer I wait the worse it will get.

    On a good note, my birthday is on the 28th. woot. Family has no money though. meh. Will probably do something at least. And damn, couple more months and it'll be the end of what, my second year on doomworld? geez. I'm lucky and a bit proud I actually completed 2 projects since then, considering how many people start and don't get far on here. Need to actually do some mapping for ultra 2, have some ideas for maps but the only thing I've done is an outdoor entrance that doesn't fit anywhere. Sort of got a feel for some textures though. WoW is definitely interfering with mapping >.< Aquanox not so much, only play that maybe 4 hours in a day, maybe twice a week, usually weekends or no class days.

    Speaking of no class days, my physics prof actually had class outside thursday at the urging of one of the girls in class since it was rather nice outside. Then Friday he e-mails us all that he's sick and there's no lab. It's also a rather nice day. Coincidence? maaaaaybe ... heheh. Though he did say it was possibly food poisoning so who knows, he's pretty honest about stuff.

    Welp that was pretty much all that was on my mind worth (not) sharing.

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    2. Lüt


      sax sax sex sax

    3. Maes


      ArmouredBlood said:

      I'm getting annoyed over crap I shouldn't care about.

      New title!

    4. GreyGhost


      Lüt said:

      sax sax sex sax

      Working on your New Zealand accent?

  11. It's 3 am, and I've finally done something I've been meaning to do; add coop starts to all of newgothic and dm starts to maps 15 and 21. Bets on when/how powerful a computer/which version of odamex or skulltag maps 15 and 21 dm will run with no lag. I intend to figure out how the f to host a wad on odamex and run coop this weekend. If your coop-group (or dm group) is man enough to attempt it, here's the wad. btw I have no idea if odamex can run zdbsp-extended nodes, so tell me what happens with map21, heh.

    1. 40oz


      I couldn't get map21 to run on prBoom. Also MAP13 is pretty giagantic and lags quite a bit, I'd be scared to try that in coop. If someone hosts it though I'll jump right on it.

    2. ArmouredBlood


      Gotta use prboom + - map21 uses zdoom's extended node format to go beyond the normal sidedef limit. I guess this is more of a test of your computer/network than fun maps, heh.

  12. My family has a dell desktop with xp we got years ago. It's gone through the gauntlet of being used by kids (including me) with just IE and some antiviruses (recently norton, had another one before that), which overlapped for a while until I uninstalled it (dad's ok in tech use, but he doesn't really like doing anything unless the comp is beyond use), for protection. So we have norton 360 and IE, with firefox installed but no one uses that -.- Anyway, we've had problems with flash drives, where we'll put it in, pull something up, and MS explorer crashes and reboots. I've found I could copy things to the desktop and then run em from there, but it really doesn't like flash drives, any of them we've collectively tried. And now we have a printer problem, where apparently it won't accept the new ink cartridge.

    The options my parents are considering are ... meh. Get a new printer. Take the printer I have (I don't use it much) and use it for this computer (I have a laptop so it's not really a problem). However I don't like the idea of having it plugged into that computer, considering its problem with flash drives, and now the problem with printer ink cartridges that it passed onto the printer. Unless the printer developed that problem by itself, which I doubt.

    Anyway, I bet there is a pretty obvious solution to these problems (I've considered suggesting wiping the HDD and reinstalling everything, but idk how viable that is considering how much random stuff is on there and how little interest anyone has in doing anything with the comp considering everyone but my mom has a comp they can use. My dad and/or I would also have to look for the install disks ...). I'm just not sure what to look for. So uh, little help here?

    TLDR; 5-8 year old comp, xp, norton 360, IE, kid users, problem working flash drives and now printer ink cartridges, help?

    1. GreyGhost


      If the computer and it's HD's contents aren't of any great value - I'd backup whatever stuff might be useful or have some sentimental value (via the Ethernet port if you don't trust USB), find the Recovery CD and do a fresh install of XP. Also check Dell's support site for updated drivers and apps.
      BTW - the Windows install files are probably on the Hard Drive in a hidden partition, so whatever you do - don't re-partition and format the drive.

      Some manufacturers are mean enough to build region locks into their printers to prevent people from using cheaper imported cartridges. Have you tried setting up the printer on another computer to see if it has the same problem?

    2. Maes


      What GreyGhost said, although I'd avoid using the Recovery CD or partition, since they'll probably set you back to some nasty old version of XP (perhaps even pre-SP1) and then you'd have to download like a GB worth of updates. Better get hold of an XP SP3 CD, and do a "repair installation" (Let the installer progress to the point where you choose where to install, and select "repair" instead of just "install"). N.B.: This is NOT the same as the recovery console.

      It will go through what seems like a fresh installation, but in the end you will have a refreshed copy of XP, with all new SP3-level files, and your apps and settings will all be in-place. After that, do a defrag with a decent utility like Jkdefrag, get rid of 360, and install Avast Home (it's free for personal use, less intrusive, and more effective).

      Also, before you do that, grab all-new drivers for EVERY device you have.

      As for the printer, if it's not an old HP that accepts large cartridges but is a nasty EPSON with all kinds of protection chips....ditch it without a second thought.

  13. So, finals ended this last week. Then I got some jury duty, and then the summer is rather free, minus getting a job. And now begins the days of intense mapping ... the question is what. Besides working on maps for newgothic, I've been thinking of doing some random 'speedmaps' that are less slaughter and more classic, like requiem. I've also been thinking I might want to finally mess with some zdoom stuff - mostly 3d floors, slopes, and custom monsters. Scripting ... well, maybe every so often, but I hated intro to C++ -.- (yeah, bio major, but when you play games you want to see some of the groundwork ... this went a little too far down the system for me). And speaking of zdoom, I've more or less wanted to do a might and magic (6/7/8) TC for a long time, put off by just not knowing how to work the tools to implement it (and the crapload of time it'd take to replicate tens of hours of rpg goodness in an FPS. Hehehehe ...). The emerald isle treasure hunt of 7 would be a good starting point.

    Also what do you people reading this blog think of my mapping style? Inconsistent? mimic others' too much? Do I have a gothictx fetish? heh. What textures do I use too little of? which too much? Do I re-use the same fights too much? Are there any encounters I haven't really done, besides trappy hitscanners? (been getting over that. A little. Oh god it's a chaingunner ... that Came, From, Behind!). Meh.

    Oh yeah, for age of empires 3, did they ever get rid of that stupid 'only ONE registered computer can play online' rule? stupid thing ... want to play some age of mythology now. SC2 is proving interesting, although I don't agree with some recent patch changes (increasing the supply cost of roaches? meh. Gotta nerf zerg. Reduce size of thor? -.- They looked so epic before ...). And another RTS, although a citybuilder, pharaoh. Liked that game. Never finished the story mode though. Heh, I wonder when games will get so good they can process the millions of individual blocks in the great pyramid of giza instead of just using textures. And teotihuacan is awesome. Would like to go see it, probably cheaper than a flight to egypt.

    Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah, I think that's about it. Sorry if you actually read the whole wall of text and didn't like wasting time. I'm just that tired yet don't want to go to sleep yet.

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    2. ArmouredBlood


      Khorus said:

      M&M has been ripped to shit already by some zdoom "modders". It's possible to mod M&M 6-8 you know.

      Yeah I know, I was following an M&M10 project for a while, seemed to be going very slowly, as the sheer volume of stuff needed to make a whole new M&M is huge. The problem I have with modding for M&M is not knowing anything about the engine or hex editing, in addition to straight-up map editor. It'd be learning a whole new set of skills in a hacky format while I could be modding doom ...not to mention I could spread the M&M goodness to doomers if I went with a TC ;)
      Wish ubi would actually get a studio to make a new M&M.

      and now I wonder how M&M would be in TES oblivion ... too shiny -.-

      Well. I think you're yet to find your niche. Just keep working at it.

      Yeah. I've been mapping for a little less than a year anyway.

    3. Csonicgo


      I made a B in Organic. I failed!11 ;_;

    4. ArmouredBlood


      Csonicgo said:

      I made a B in Organic. I failed!11 ;_;

      One of those 'there can only be this many passing students' type teachers huh ... I'm lucky my teacher lowered the curve, although only 5 people in the class probably got a real A or B. His tests were really hit or miss.

      So what're you taking next semester? going for molecular, human genetics, and physics myself. Been avoiding physics for a while now just cause I have other things I wanted to take.

      P.S. whoever voted black wins, it's a dual color sliver - dementia sliver -.- blue/black.

  14. Getting a head start on my birthday, heh. So yeah my birthday is today, and so apparently is joshy's. He said he's releasing speed of doom officially today, but I haven't seen many posts from him regarding fixes, so hopefully they got done.

    Anyway, I'm 21 now. I can drink legally in the US. Now I should find some alcoholic beverages I like, cause I've never gone out drinking - not that I'm particularly interested though. Though there is this girl at college ... heh. I'm kinda out of it because of spring break*, quite a few of my friends losing their jobs**, and from reading this rather tragedy-filled series***, but now watching this anime called durarara and it's got some pretty funny parts, with some cool action and paranormal stuff mixed in, so I'm doing better, but I think actually getting some sleep would help >.<

    So about newgothic, I'm getting there on map13, not really turning out how I envisioned it but it could be interesting anyway. Haven't really played what I've got so far but it's looking very survivalish in the beginning ... collecting weapons, staying alive while demons converge on you while you dodge between 'cars', etc. I'm definitely going to do some smaller, more standard maps after it. Going to be interesting making industrial slaughter maps, heh.

    And next, I want bioshock 2. I might get it, idk. That or mass effect 2, since I bought the first one ... but cause dragon age is taking up 15 GB on my poor ~100 GB HDD (2yo laptop) I can't dl it and play it while it's on there -.- Only got ~20-30 GB on my external too, so I've been putting off the data juggling I'm eventually going to have to do. My dad said something about 1TB HDD though ... that'd be nice.

    So finally, my family's going to take me somewhere out to eat (yeah, I live with my parents, going to college basically in town is nice :P my 3 younger sisters and mom bug me a lot though. That's life ...) and I was thinking outback steakhouse. We go sushi a lot for birthdays, but I really want a bloomin' burger ... Yeah that's about it. We'll see what happens.

    * yeah I know, it's supposed to be fun, but I don't really do anything -.- best thing so far was hanging out with a friend or two and playing a little warcraft 3 and working on this zombie-apocalypse scenario map for starcraft 2. Some of the stuff we've come up with is quite interesting though ;)

    ** at a subway cause it got bought by a new owner who's a douche who fired EVERYONE and replaced them with his own crew of apparently mexicans and a few indians who suck at making sandwiches and especially working the coldstone connected to the store, so he might actually go out of business since the regulars knew and liked the old crew. Sweet vengeance, heh.

    *** George R.R. Martin's sword of ice and fire series ... Basically you get to know characters in the first 2 books and then he kills half of them in really demented ways in the third book. Pretty good books if you get past that though.


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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Happy birthday dude, at 21 you're still on the up so enjoy yourself :)

      Everyone knows bourbon is the best, though I am also rather partial to Jack Daniels and Vanilla Coke.

      Edit: wtf why is this missing

    3. ArmouredBlood


      Heh, late thanks SJ, beyond a bit of wine I haven't had anything alcholic since a sam adams on my birthday. Just haven't been offered anything nor felt like going out of my way to pursue this new opportunity. And yay my first pbf birthday ;)

      Also, just finished bioshock 2, here's my thoughts ... (copied from a note I wrote on facebook to counter my other one)

      Finished bioshock 2. Despite starting off kinda rocky (see my other note), I got used to the controls and the hacking (sort of. Once I found out hacking the machine calling the bots turned off the alarm I just ignored everything until I hacked it. Usually lost maybe a first aid kit on average, usually just 9 bucks to refill), and the game turned out rather enjoyable, with the story becoming much more interesting in the last 2 areas versus the first four or so. The general decay of rapture was a bit sad though - I kept remembering parts of the original, and how I wanted to see an area that wasn't decayed. Kind of got that near the end, but it was an illusion, heh. Another big change was the general feel of gameplay - no more was it generally soft encounter between story; everything could kill you if you aren't careful, and there were a lot more enemies in some fights. This blend of intensity and corruption threw me off what the original felt like, which was a certain awe of what rapture had once been, but was fading. The second definitely got across the feeling of tragedy it intended.

      Anyway, I liked what I played after certain adjustments. For a sequel to this sequel though ... I think it's time to leave rapture, and join the post-plasmid world. Assuming there will be a sequel though; that's rather in the air ...

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Happy Birthday! Go somewhere fancy and drink some champagne.

      P.S. with gold flakes in it

  15. So we finally got around to the first test in my O chem class. We wander in and sit down, in various states of (un)readiness, and in comes the teacher. Now he's a german educated guy of arabian descent, so he's a bit wrong in grammar sometimes but usually gets his point across, and when I had him last semester his tests were usually decent length ... but when he hands out the test he tells everyone to make sure there's only 2 pages. Yeah, this is going to be a condensed test isn't it, great ... but no. It's 9 numbered questions, with at most 6 parts in one question (average of 3). Most of the questions are simple either/or problems, with a few 'draw resonance structures' and a complete the equation (CH_3-Ch_2-CH-OH + B-Cl_3 -> ? I think). The heck? 100 point test with maybe 20 2 option 5 point average questions? O.o He said the first test was going to be easy, but this was a quiz. Really. I think he's just not putting any work into this first one, but that just might be me.

    So yeah, I was much more worried over my genetics test monday, and the very tough o chem lab writeup and prelab due tomorrow ... yay. At least I finally get to play D&D with friends afterward, after about 2 weeks of schedules getting in the way.

    And yes csonicgo I'll send you my notes soon ;P

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ArmouredBlood


      Csonicgo said:


      actually no it's never too late.

      Heh. Check your pms in ~5 minutes. I don't exactly mind having the notes be open to all but I think it does have my name in there somewhere ... not to mention some funky drawings and half-baked map ideas.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      *stares silently, shakes head, walks away*

      cause yeah, what is that

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      I wish I had D&D friends :<

  16. So yeah, steam has/had a sale of psychonauts for $2, and since I heard it was an under-appreciated game or something a long time ago I thought I'd check it out. Lucky me it's ~4GB, and with DA:O, an unfinished assassin's creed, and a few other hefty games, my laptop is bursting at the seems for memory (yet again). And I do have an external, but between some games I've moved to that and a bunch of anime and a few random movies like FF souls withing and damnatus (that WH40k fan-made movie that got swiped by the WH peoples, not sure what eventually happened with it), I've got maybe 20-30GB of 230GB left. Not bad, but doesn't exactly leave me with much room to dl stuff. That turned into a nice rant didn't it ...

    Well, part 2. Organic chemistry labs. Either my lab prof is reeeeally strict, or organic chem is just a whole nother level of tough ... carbon-copy notebooks? Actually needing to read from a techniques book to do labs? A bunch of randomly-cool-but-hard-to-remember-names-of-glassware? At least my lec prof is rather easy -.-

    So besides waiting while psychonauts dls and installs at 1 am before I go to bed after thinking wth and starting the install(not a smart move, but I wasn't thinking -.-), I'm kinda bugged I haven't had a new thought for a map all day. They've been coming fast and furiously since like last week, but I guess the full impact of the semester has hit and the ideas are going to be fewer until spring break. It might just start being 1/2/3 monster maps to explore synergy(still with gothictx, can't imagine mapping w/o now, if just for the wfall/lavafall textures ... especially the lavafall tex ;P).

    Well ... still another 60%ish to go ... hmm. Looks to be another hour + 1/2, not gonna stay up that long, so yeah, poll ideas >:D

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Vile Flesh 2
      by 40oz

      As long as it doesn't give me BSOD like the first one did, I'm on board.

    3. ArmouredBlood


      40oz said:

      Play some more wads. When you pour everything into your maps, you use all your fresh ideas. Play some other people's maps for inspiration.

      Recently I had some serious mapper's block. Then I tried the megawad Vile Flesh for the first time and played a couple maps from it. Next time I opened DB2 I was drawing sectors like a maniac.

      Played a little bit of vile flesh a bit ago, was interesting. Been playing some AV since watching eargosedown's LP, and doing some kama sutra. Been getting some ideas. We'll see what pops up this weekend.

    4. Grazza


      Grazza said:

      ...hmmm, that page mentions Dosa and Uttapam. Yum yum. My local Indian in Minnesota serves them. Unfortunately I'm in England this week, damn it.

      Had a Paneer Dosa last night. Awesome. My above statement wasn't quite true though: the India Palace doesn't serve Uttapam.

  17. Well, has been for the last month, but it's gotten so bad I mostly use my laptop's clicker and playing doom becomes quite painful, pressing down so hard on the back of the click. It's at least a year old, razer diamondback, not sure on warranty, probably expired. I opened the case once already to try cleaning it anyway, not sure if that helped at all.

    Anyway I'm interested in what the tech gurus think of my options, them being try to fix the mouse myself and quite likely fing something up, get some techy to fix it, or buy a new mouse and if so which one ~~has to be somewhat cheap while giving the same range of sensitivity of the diamondback, I can't stand how slow the mice at my college's library were set.

    So awaiting replies ...

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    2. Creaphis


      You can customize the weight of my mouse but I've always left it as light as possible. I wish I was as strong as Csonicgo.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      If you're still in the market for a new mouse (or should you be in the near future), my recommendation is always the Logitech MX518. It's very comfortable to hold (provided you're right handed), and the side buttons are extremely handy in web browsing.

      I also recommend a foam mouse pad. Who doesn't love foam mouse pads?

    4. Quasar


      I have Logitech "Click!" mice for both of my computers and they are very durable and long-lasting, as well as attractive to look at. Unfortunately I think they have discontinued that product line :(

  18. Thanks jodwin for pointing out the pharaoh sails to orion youtube link, I've been listening to them and similar stuff on pandora for the last 2 days now. Awesome operatic metal. My only problem is it's a pretty niche band so I'd be lucky to find any stores with their albums around, which means amazon. Yay. Maybe I can get my dad to get Oceanborn for christmas.

    C-values. The total amount of genetic data contained in an organism's DNA, with kbs as the units. Amoeba have 300x the C-value as humans. Crazy. Also some from of barley or something has 2x the C-value of similar species since it underwent some crazy chromosome doubling some-thousand years ago, which has since become a bunch of junk DNA that doesn't do anything. Species are full of that stuff.

    So really, I'm uploading Shai'tan's Luck to /idgames as soon as the cacowards are posted so it gets drowned in quality stuff and completely forgotten for next years cacowards. Heh. No I don't think it'd get a cacoward anyway, unless there's a really bad yield of stuff next year. And yes I changed a few things between what I'm uploading and the last version ... plus I still have one last demo I want done since the MAP30 one I have now desyncs about 5 seconds before it ends. I can totally tell my skill as a doomer is gonna get blasted when I see the speedruns people come up with a week in ...

    That's about all the silliness I'm gonna give for now. Yep. Oh wait ...

    HVZ 4 LIEF!!!!111!1!1!!!

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    2. Jodwin


      Planky said:

      Never played Settlers 2, but have Settlers 3. Good game.

      Settlers 3 is "completely different", the main difference being that in 3 (and the later games) you no longer need to build roads between buildings. Planning and managing your road network so that it's effective and doesn't cause resource congestion is one of the main charms of Settlers 2 to many.

      There was a Settlers 2 10 year anniversary edition released a few years ago, it was basically a graphical uplift that doesn't require Dosboxing either. It's mostly exactly the same as the original, but they did change the campaign, remove one building set (no more vikings :( ) and there's some small changes on production rates and such that only people who have played too much of the original will notice. So if you haven't tried Settlers 2, and don't want to bother with the original Dos game, the 10th anniversary edition's demo is a good place to start.

      That, and Settlers 3 put more emphasis on warfare while still being bad at it (compared to RTS games that actually concentrate on battles rather than building stuff).

      As for Pharaoh, I just don't like having to rebuild my farms because of forced game mechanics without which the game would be better. At that point I'll rather just play Caesar 3. :)

    3. ArmouredBlood


      rebuilding farms? sure they went down a little bit in fertility each year if you didn't please osiris but it was otherwise a pretty infinite source. Meh, enough of that. Will look around for settlers 2 ...

    4. Cutman


      I preferred Nightwish before they went all... Evanescencey. I take all of their songs with me wherever they go, I love em'.

  19. So lately I've been staying up pretty late working on maps and haven't been able to get to sleep because of it, sometimes as early as 5 am. Not too big of a problem since my classes start in the afternoon mostly and I don't have a job. However Wednesday I have a chem lab at 9 am and have to get up about 7 am to get ready to go and to get on the bus (fing semester parking costs $150 -.-). Obviously I say this cause I overslept ... until 10;30ish. Luckily the other lab class is 2 weeks behind in experiments due to the furlough days (basically the colleges way of skimping pay to the prof.s) so I can make it up, and I get the other req.s done, but the thing that bothered me most is I had dry lips all the time until about 4:30 when I asked my mom for chapstick, we had some, and sweet relief came to my lips :)

    Anyway because of the santa anna winds in October it usually drys me out earlier than this, but I'm still annoyed I needed chap-stick -.-

    More importantly, I've been messing around with a TITLEPIC for what is/was my Area42 ep (new name soon) and would like some feedback on it since I don't want it to suck completely. I already sent some pms out but only kyka actually responded (thanks man ;). With his feedback I made a new version, but I think the gray font is pretty meh. I'll mess around with fonts some more but for now I'd like to know what you guys think.

    TITLEPIC v1.1;
    TITLEIC v1.0;;
    base used;

    P.S. if anyone can get this font to work in vista and can tell me how I'd be extremely grateful.

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      I don't understand the reason for all the negativity and preaching. People go to church because they believe, that's settled. Shouldn't they be busy being good pious Christians and discussing ways to help lepers and stuff like that?

    3. ArmouredBlood


      Super Jamie said:

      I don't understand the reason for all the negativity and preaching. People go to church because they believe, that's settled. Shouldn't they be busy being good pious Christians and discussing ways to help lepers and stuff like that?

      The problems start when people see their neighbors they like that aren't christian but seem good upstanding people, and think 'hey, Mr. Wokan is great, but because he doesn't believe in God, he's going to hell. I want to help the guy out so he avoids that fate'. Then missionaries apply that to everyone else ... and you get a lot of irritated 'no thank yous'.

    4. Creaphis


      Man it is way too easy to derail a thread onto religion in here.

      If anyone here actually wants to learn something new about the motivations of evangelical religious folk then sign this out of your local library. Book reports due Jan 1st.

  20. So I finally figured out I needed .gif's instead of the .jpg's I was trying to use before. Yay. Anyway, since I haven't made the intro blog post and actually intend to use this somewhat, you guys can help me decide on an avatar :) I've already snagged 3 from might and magic 7 that I like, but any others that I find cool are welcome. And suggestions on the background would be cool too.

    here they are;

    As much as I like the necro one, she's a little to resized to look good =/ And the dragon's head is cool but not very 'animated' I guess. So I'm leaning towards the slime now. Thoughs?

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    2. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      My fishie evolved stumpy legs and big ol' fangs, perfect for ripping Quake Marines limb to limb.


    3. GreyGhost


      Doomworld's fish mafia claims another victim or few.

    4. Pavera


      Bank said:

      Awesome Wilco fish

      You're incredible.

      EDIT: I think it fits quite nicely.