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  1. So, been a while. As the title says, I took ochem2. Retook it actually, and just had my final. God damn was that hard, my brain feels like mush now. Still have a micro final at 8 am tomorrow, but then I'm blissfully free until the semester starts, when I'll probably apply for grad school. Luckily the place I'm going now has a biotech/bioinformatics masters so I don't really have to go anywhere. Problem is I'm not sure I'll make it in, so it's time I start actually looking for a job in my field, in case my upper div gpa is too low or something.

    That's not really what's on my mind though. It's where to fucking eat. Come home, not really much here, think of daphne's but I just had it for lunch yesterday, not really in the mood for burgers but onion rings sound good. Snapper Jack's could be good but I haven't really tasted the tacos the last few times I've gone, not to mention it's a bit expensive. Chinese, panda has no sweet and sour pork so that's out, and Chesters is rather expensive. Pizza, I could go for some dominos. Actually that doesn't sound too bad. So now dominoes vs. onion rings from habit. Oh nice crunchy fried food ...

    Later thinking of seeing the muppet's movie with friends but I'd miss studying for that final.

    So yeah that's about it. Been too busy with classes to really work on anything, although I tried to start up a base map for a friend's birthday. Got most of the layout but damn I don't want to texture/detail/place monsters it.

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    2. printz


      Chemistry is awesome, too bad I was persuaded not to study (so as not to work in) chemistry -_-

    3. Tango


      HavoX said:

      That was one of the reasons I never went to college. It's a waste of time and pointless, especially since I was going to get my high school diploma anyway.

      Take Kobe Bryant and LeBron James for example. They never went to college, and they're having successful NBA careers!

      dude fuck, what am i doing here. goodbye college, here i come nba

      man everyone should try this.

    4. HavoX


      Tango said:

      dude fuck, what am i doing here. goodbye college, here i come nba

      Oh no, you don't...

      Get back here and finish college like everybody else! :P