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  1. My laptop of 6 years broke its video card on me a few weeks ago, so I'm stuck on the family computer for a while. Doom and doomworld have been low on the priority list because of that, and mapping is ... unlikely. My hard drive should be fine, so, just need to get an enclosure and try to get the data copied and then the few maps/scraps I got will be saved. Lots of time to read and hang out with people, but I've never been an out and about person. I have a job interview coming up Wednesday and with US football season starting soon (stupid fantasy football getting me interested) I'll have plenty to do until I save the money for a computer of my own again, and then save for graduate school.

    Oh yeah, and student loans. They suck. Scared to hell of that 22k looming over me for the next 10 to 20 years. And that was for 3 years with community college. I'm in forebearance/application for deferment for a month or so more, so it's not immediate, but fuck that rolled over 550$ bill the second month and threats of default ... that's motivating me to get a job ASAP. I think with some organization and a decade more of students in huge loan debts, us USAers will finally get the gov to help pay the debt and get money to colleges to reduce tuition, but that's rather far off and no help now.

    Between the intense boredom and ohshitshit'sgettingseriousnow, I've been caught heavily by the living card game Android:netrunner and own the core and all expansions except one, and love to play it however infrequently my friends who do play it can hang out. Also star wars: edge of empire is awesome, and my group had its second meeting Sunday in which we killed lots of thugs and our R2 unit doctor masqueraded as cousin it in wookie pelts for a bit. I got to fail at being a mystic Gand findsman too, although I got a few souvenirs for the people. My WoW raid group finally killed lei shen, and now we're hoping to gear everyone up a little better in the one week we have before 5.4 hits. Luckily the family computer is just different, and not worse than my laptop, so games go decently. Not fun occupying the computer 8-10 PM on thursday though.

    And the last thing to talk about. One of our dogs, around 9-12 years old (I have no idea how old anymore really) had to be put down last week from having his second lung collapse. He hadn't been doing too great lately, and I'm worried our other dog will be following not too far off from losing him since they were siblings, but such is life. It didn't affect me quite as hard as losing the dog we had before them, but I was much younger. My sisters are more affected since they didn't really know our last dog that long. Well, just had to get that out there.

    Anyway, I've been both good and bad, life going as it does. Better than the last school semester when I was just tutoring and doing fuck all else and bored out of my mind when not playing games. Thinking of taking some programming classes on coursera or something, learn python or java, so I can get closer to my interest in bioinformatics. And then one day, when genomes can be modified and sculpted into new species that are 95% of the time viable, I will create creatures that will offer more efficient, environmentally and ecologically safe and adjusted alternatives to current mechanical industries. Well, that's the dream. Maybe keep my offhand promise to my dad to brew a purple beer that tastes great until then. SO much that could be done in the future, if we don't fuck it up.

    1. Springy


      Sorry to hear about your dog and financial troubles mate (22k for a course, holy shit sausages). I really hope this job interview goes well for you and I give you my best wishes for that, and hopefully you can get rid of that debt. I have a debt for my past course but that's nowhere near that amount. Also, Java and Python are very good languages to begin with, I studied a bit of both in my past college's and even I could understand a fair amount of it.

    2. AndrewB


      ArmouredBlood said:

      us USAers will finally get the gov to help pay the debt and get money to colleges to reduce tuition


      So let's get this straight.

      The government used taxpayer money to loan trillions of dollars to people such as yourself, so you can turn around and give that money to a college or university while you spend 3-5 years "discovering" yourself.

      Colleges/universities realized that students have essentially bottomless wallets, in the form of government loans, so they went ahead and jacked up their tuition by more than 10% per year for the past 10 years.

      Now, according to you, we need to get the government to help "pay the debt", but since the government is who the debt is actually owed to, what you're saying is that the government should forgive the debt owed to it.

      Ok, so the student debt is gone. So, the government took trillions of taxpayer money and gave it directly to colleges/universities, which is pretty much what the government does to K-12.

      So in your lovely scenario, we have a completely nationalized post-secondary education system, all but in name. Now we can work on giving money to universities to help lower their tuitions.

      Er, wait, what?


      If the money is just going straight from government to the universities, then what are the "tuitions" for? Isn't that just another way of saying "how much the universities charge the government"?

      But wait. The only reason the universities were able to jack up their tuitions so much this century is because their customers had nearly bottomless wallets.

      And now that their one and only customer (the US government) has a literally bottomless wallet, you believe that this whole arrangement will cause tuition to go DOWN?!?!?!


    3. exp(x)


      Remember folks, AndrewB knows money.

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