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  1. Thanks jodwin for pointing out the pharaoh sails to orion youtube link, I've been listening to them and similar stuff on pandora for the last 2 days now. Awesome operatic metal. My only problem is it's a pretty niche band so I'd be lucky to find any stores with their albums around, which means amazon. Yay. Maybe I can get my dad to get Oceanborn for christmas.

    C-values. The total amount of genetic data contained in an organism's DNA, with kbs as the units. Amoeba have 300x the C-value as humans. Crazy. Also some from of barley or something has 2x the C-value of similar species since it underwent some crazy chromosome doubling some-thousand years ago, which has since become a bunch of junk DNA that doesn't do anything. Species are full of that stuff.

    So really, I'm uploading Shai'tan's Luck to /idgames as soon as the cacowards are posted so it gets drowned in quality stuff and completely forgotten for next years cacowards. Heh. No I don't think it'd get a cacoward anyway, unless there's a really bad yield of stuff next year. And yes I changed a few things between what I'm uploading and the last version ... plus I still have one last demo I want done since the MAP30 one I have now desyncs about 5 seconds before it ends. I can totally tell my skill as a doomer is gonna get blasted when I see the speedruns people come up with a week in ...

    That's about all the silliness I'm gonna give for now. Yep. Oh wait ...

    HVZ 4 LIEF!!!!111!1!1!!!

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    2. Jodwin


      Planky said:

      Never played Settlers 2, but have Settlers 3. Good game.

      Settlers 3 is "completely different", the main difference being that in 3 (and the later games) you no longer need to build roads between buildings. Planning and managing your road network so that it's effective and doesn't cause resource congestion is one of the main charms of Settlers 2 to many.

      There was a Settlers 2 10 year anniversary edition released a few years ago, it was basically a graphical uplift that doesn't require Dosboxing either. It's mostly exactly the same as the original, but they did change the campaign, remove one building set (no more vikings :( ) and there's some small changes on production rates and such that only people who have played too much of the original will notice. So if you haven't tried Settlers 2, and don't want to bother with the original Dos game, the 10th anniversary edition's demo is a good place to start.

      That, and Settlers 3 put more emphasis on warfare while still being bad at it (compared to RTS games that actually concentrate on battles rather than building stuff).

      As for Pharaoh, I just don't like having to rebuild my farms because of forced game mechanics without which the game would be better. At that point I'll rather just play Caesar 3. :)

    3. ArmouredBlood


      rebuilding farms? sure they went down a little bit in fertility each year if you didn't please osiris but it was otherwise a pretty infinite source. Meh, enough of that. Will look around for settlers 2 ...

    4. Cutman


      I preferred Nightwish before they went all... Evanescencey. I take all of their songs with me wherever they go, I love em'.