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  1. So yeah, steam has/had a sale of psychonauts for $2, and since I heard it was an under-appreciated game or something a long time ago I thought I'd check it out. Lucky me it's ~4GB, and with DA:O, an unfinished assassin's creed, and a few other hefty games, my laptop is bursting at the seems for memory (yet again). And I do have an external, but between some games I've moved to that and a bunch of anime and a few random movies like FF souls withing and damnatus (that WH40k fan-made movie that got swiped by the WH peoples, not sure what eventually happened with it), I've got maybe 20-30GB of 230GB left. Not bad, but doesn't exactly leave me with much room to dl stuff. That turned into a nice rant didn't it ...

    Well, part 2. Organic chemistry labs. Either my lab prof is reeeeally strict, or organic chem is just a whole nother level of tough ... carbon-copy notebooks? Actually needing to read from a techniques book to do labs? A bunch of randomly-cool-but-hard-to-remember-names-of-glassware? At least my lec prof is rather easy -.-

    So besides waiting while psychonauts dls and installs at 1 am before I go to bed after thinking wth and starting the install(not a smart move, but I wasn't thinking -.-), I'm kinda bugged I haven't had a new thought for a map all day. They've been coming fast and furiously since like last week, but I guess the full impact of the semester has hit and the ideas are going to be fewer until spring break. It might just start being 1/2/3 monster maps to explore synergy(still with gothictx, can't imagine mapping w/o now, if just for the wfall/lavafall textures ... especially the lavafall tex ;P).

    Well ... still another 60%ish to go ... hmm. Looks to be another hour + 1/2, not gonna stay up that long, so yeah, poll ideas >:D

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Vile Flesh 2
      by 40oz

      As long as it doesn't give me BSOD like the first one did, I'm on board.

    3. ArmouredBlood


      40oz said:

      Play some more wads. When you pour everything into your maps, you use all your fresh ideas. Play some other people's maps for inspiration.

      Recently I had some serious mapper's block. Then I tried the megawad Vile Flesh for the first time and played a couple maps from it. Next time I opened DB2 I was drawing sectors like a maniac.

      Played a little bit of vile flesh a bit ago, was interesting. Been playing some AV since watching eargosedown's LP, and doing some kama sutra. Been getting some ideas. We'll see what pops up this weekend.

    4. Grazza


      Grazza said:

      ...hmmm, that page mentions Dosa and Uttapam. Yum yum. My local Indian in Minnesota serves them. Unfortunately I'm in England this week, damn it.

      Had a Paneer Dosa last night. Awesome. My above statement wasn't quite true though: the India Palace doesn't serve Uttapam.