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  1. So we finally got around to the first test in my O chem class. We wander in and sit down, in various states of (un)readiness, and in comes the teacher. Now he's a german educated guy of arabian descent, so he's a bit wrong in grammar sometimes but usually gets his point across, and when I had him last semester his tests were usually decent length ... but when he hands out the test he tells everyone to make sure there's only 2 pages. Yeah, this is going to be a condensed test isn't it, great ... but no. It's 9 numbered questions, with at most 6 parts in one question (average of 3). Most of the questions are simple either/or problems, with a few 'draw resonance structures' and a complete the equation (CH_3-Ch_2-CH-OH + B-Cl_3 -> ? I think). The heck? 100 point test with maybe 20 2 option 5 point average questions? O.o He said the first test was going to be easy, but this was a quiz. Really. I think he's just not putting any work into this first one, but that just might be me.

    So yeah, I was much more worried over my genetics test monday, and the very tough o chem lab writeup and prelab due tomorrow ... yay. At least I finally get to play D&D with friends afterward, after about 2 weeks of schedules getting in the way.

    And yes csonicgo I'll send you my notes soon ;P

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    2. ArmouredBlood


      Csonicgo said:


      actually no it's never too late.

      Heh. Check your pms in ~5 minutes. I don't exactly mind having the notes be open to all but I think it does have my name in there somewhere ... not to mention some funky drawings and half-baked map ideas.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      *stares silently, shakes head, walks away*

      cause yeah, what is that

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      I wish I had D&D friends :<