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  1. So, finals ended this last week. Then I got some jury duty, and then the summer is rather free, minus getting a job. And now begins the days of intense mapping ... the question is what. Besides working on maps for newgothic, I've been thinking of doing some random 'speedmaps' that are less slaughter and more classic, like requiem. I've also been thinking I might want to finally mess with some zdoom stuff - mostly 3d floors, slopes, and custom monsters. Scripting ... well, maybe every so often, but I hated intro to C++ -.- (yeah, bio major, but when you play games you want to see some of the groundwork ... this went a little too far down the system for me). And speaking of zdoom, I've more or less wanted to do a might and magic (6/7/8) TC for a long time, put off by just not knowing how to work the tools to implement it (and the crapload of time it'd take to replicate tens of hours of rpg goodness in an FPS. Hehehehe ...). The emerald isle treasure hunt of 7 would be a good starting point.

    Also what do you people reading this blog think of my mapping style? Inconsistent? mimic others' too much? Do I have a gothictx fetish? heh. What textures do I use too little of? which too much? Do I re-use the same fights too much? Are there any encounters I haven't really done, besides trappy hitscanners? (been getting over that. A little. Oh god it's a chaingunner ... that Came, From, Behind!). Meh.

    Oh yeah, for age of empires 3, did they ever get rid of that stupid 'only ONE registered computer can play online' rule? stupid thing ... want to play some age of mythology now. SC2 is proving interesting, although I don't agree with some recent patch changes (increasing the supply cost of roaches? meh. Gotta nerf zerg. Reduce size of thor? -.- They looked so epic before ...). And another RTS, although a citybuilder, pharaoh. Liked that game. Never finished the story mode though. Heh, I wonder when games will get so good they can process the millions of individual blocks in the great pyramid of giza instead of just using textures. And teotihuacan is awesome. Would like to go see it, probably cheaper than a flight to egypt.

    Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah, I think that's about it. Sorry if you actually read the whole wall of text and didn't like wasting time. I'm just that tired yet don't want to go to sleep yet.

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    2. ArmouredBlood


      Khorus said:

      M&M has been ripped to shit already by some zdoom "modders". It's possible to mod M&M 6-8 you know.

      Yeah I know, I was following an M&M10 project for a while, seemed to be going very slowly, as the sheer volume of stuff needed to make a whole new M&M is huge. The problem I have with modding for M&M is not knowing anything about the engine or hex editing, in addition to straight-up map editor. It'd be learning a whole new set of skills in a hacky format while I could be modding doom ...not to mention I could spread the M&M goodness to doomers if I went with a TC ;)
      Wish ubi would actually get a studio to make a new M&M.

      and now I wonder how M&M would be in TES oblivion ... too shiny -.-

      Well. I think you're yet to find your niche. Just keep working at it.

      Yeah. I've been mapping for a little less than a year anyway.

    3. Csonicgo


      I made a B in Organic. I failed!11 ;_;

    4. ArmouredBlood


      Csonicgo said:

      I made a B in Organic. I failed!11 ;_;

      One of those 'there can only be this many passing students' type teachers huh ... I'm lucky my teacher lowered the curve, although only 5 people in the class probably got a real A or B. His tests were really hit or miss.

      So what're you taking next semester? going for molecular, human genetics, and physics myself. Been avoiding physics for a while now just cause I have other things I wanted to take.

      P.S. whoever voted black wins, it's a dual color sliver - dementia sliver -.- blue/black.