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  1. You didn't make the fucking games, don't say it's your fucking 'new' titles. They were made by new world computing and published by 3DO, you just snagged an ip when it was dying and added a game I never played (dark messiah) and a game I liked but felt very different aesthetically from the originals (HoMM5). I hope you restart the MM series but I rather doubt it and if you did they'd feel just as different as HoMM5 was, and HoMM6 will most likely be. Granted this might just be a mix-up on the marketing end of GoG, but I'd assume some execs would proofread this crap and point out to marketing their mistake. And since they're old games they probably don't care anyway. Meh. I hope they get 8 in there now considering 6 and 7 are up - I'm not sure exactly where I put my dad's cds ... heheh.

    Rant aside, I will say gog has some cool stuff. I got Aquanox of them during christmas, and it has been amazing to play - the story is told in voiced conversations between character portraits with ambient sounds, which really helps me imagine what's going on. The looks of the game are also really sharp and well-done, looking surprisingly well for a 2000 game. And the battles are cool too, like descent with a much more limited loadout (2 guns and a set of torpedoes, and 'buzzers' - torpedo misdirectors) but many guns have a useful secondary and vary enough that you'll use basically all of them at one time or another. The torps are kinda iffy, with real limited lockons except for the highest tiers, but are useful in clearing smaller ships or causing massive damage to stationary frigates. There's also upgrades and special slots for ships, and as you go through the story you get better ships you can buy, increasing armor and torp/buzzer capacity. Still haven't finished it due to quicktime trying to update during a mission and screwing my mouse focus (f you quicktime), but I think I'm getting close. And then it'll be on to aquanox 2.

    So, life in general. Classes are meh, I'm correlating not being able to study with it being spring semester, which is not good cause I need all my credits this semester so I can graduate NEXT spring >.< Still thinking about bugging a prof to do research. And no job ... definitely by lack of trying. Parents are too good to me. But eh, will see what happens. Was worried a bit for my friend who's in japan for school but it turns out he's fine. Sounded pretty gung-ho about it, heheh. Haven't played my saxophone in a couple months now, last time was teaching my sister to play for marching band. Was sounding rusty and a little short of breath then, don't really want to find out how bad it is now, though the longer I wait the worse it will get.

    On a good note, my birthday is on the 28th. woot. Family has no money though. meh. Will probably do something at least. And damn, couple more months and it'll be the end of what, my second year on doomworld? geez. I'm lucky and a bit proud I actually completed 2 projects since then, considering how many people start and don't get far on here. Need to actually do some mapping for ultra 2, have some ideas for maps but the only thing I've done is an outdoor entrance that doesn't fit anywhere. Sort of got a feel for some textures though. WoW is definitely interfering with mapping >.< Aquanox not so much, only play that maybe 4 hours in a day, maybe twice a week, usually weekends or no class days.

    Speaking of no class days, my physics prof actually had class outside thursday at the urging of one of the girls in class since it was rather nice outside. Then Friday he e-mails us all that he's sick and there's no lab. It's also a rather nice day. Coincidence? maaaaaybe ... heheh. Though he did say it was possibly food poisoning so who knows, he's pretty honest about stuff.

    Welp that was pretty much all that was on my mind worth (not) sharing.

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      sax sax sex sax

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      ArmouredBlood said:

      I'm getting annoyed over crap I shouldn't care about.

      New title!

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      sax sax sex sax

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