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  1. Well, lease for a car. That I won't be getting too much use out of cause I have class only 2 days where I'd get the car and I take the bus half the way anyway. The geo prism we had is getting salvaged after my sister rear-ended someone almost 2 weeks ago - luckily it looks like only we had 'severe' damage. By which I mean the damage caused an estimated 2200$ of repairs and the car was valued at barely 2100$. So, my mom pushes for a lease on a 2011 honda civic. It's pretty nice, barring how skinny it is, how small the steering wheel is, and the insanely low front bumper that I've hit bottom on twice after leasing the car less than 24 hours. Nice darkish blue color. Also my parents don't trust my sister to drive it after the crap she does, hahaha.

    In anycase, spring break ended on a note that was at least nice - I basically got an A on the first of two exams in bioinformatics, new car, finally got oceanborn off amazon, and decided to snag the first season of metalocalypse too. And ordered a bunch of wowtcg cards with my friends. Yeah I play it, no one I know plays magic anymore >.< Makes up for the F in ochem2, stress of not knowing wtf we'll do for a car, and general mehness of actual spring break. Just need to push my grades for another month and a half and I'll be good. Oh and I get Cezar chavez day off tomorrow, thanks csu/uc systems for your randomness.

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    2. Planky


      I suppose then it depends on whether you are talking about the hatchbacks or sedans. The sedans do look bland and I've never liked them. I've always had a thing for the hatches, specifically the (unmolested) EF9s.

    3. 40oz


      cool that you get the car all to yourself now :)

    4. DuckReconMajor


      everybody likes green

      sorry about your spring break